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Marriage counselling or what is more commonly known as couple counselling is done between partners that helps them to recognise their issues. Then your psychologist will help you resolve those conflicts and work upon improving their relationships. The idea is to make more thoughtful decisions - pre marriage and post marriage. Thereafter, work towards rebuilding and strengthening or if need be, seek breakup or divorce according to your situation and the adversity of conflicts.

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In online marriage counselling, every session is taken by an expert licensed counsellor who is trained in marriage and family counselling.

Though counselling is not the ultimate solution. It requires the will of both the partners to resolve issues. In marriage counselling, both partners must be included but it is seen that sometimes, only one of the partners seeks help.

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And, it is important to note that marriage counselling is for couples in all types of intimate or romantic relationships - LGBTQ and heterosexuals. Doesn’t matter what your status is - you can get pre-marriage and post marriage counselling too with our list of online marriage counsellors.

There are a lot of couples who find help for premarital counselling that can help to gain a deeper understanding of their relationship and resolve any differences before marriage.

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So, if your relationship is facing:

In all OnlineCounselling4U marriage counselling sessions, your online counselling will help you with

  • Open communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Discuss differences rationally

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Both the partners will sit with the counsellors and discuss all the good and bad parts of your relationship. In this process, your psychologist is only trying to understand the source of your problem and better understand your conflicts. Without any judgements, the counsellor will then advise you on how things can be improved.

How OnlineCounselling4U can help in resolving premarital and marital problems:

We have over 548+ licensed online counsellors who have been through a strong background check, have a Master’s or above degree in Psychology and gone under extensive counselling training with Senior psychologists.

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We are available 24x7 at your service to provide you online counselling services for your premarital and marital issues. You can talk to our expert counsellors from any part of the world through phone, chat and even email. Online counselling helps you talk through your issues because sometimes it is very difficult for people to talk about their problems to anyone face-to-face. No matter what language you speak, Hindi, English, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia and Punjabi or any other regional language that you are comfortable in, we will find the right psychologist for you.

Just remember we are here to help you with any kind of issue that you are facing in your pre or post marriage and we can only help you discover the differences and make you learn how to embrace them. Your psychologist can give you homework to work on your marriage yourself to practice what you’ve learned at the session because you can only save your marriage.

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We understand that going for marriage counselling can be a tough decision, therefore, online counselling can really help you take that decision easy. Take the first step of admitting that your relationship has issues and get ready for an empowering and insightful online counselling session. Break the cycle of negative emotions and reactions with the help of our trained therapist and get on the journey to build a healthy relationship.


Can marriage counseling be only taken by married couples?

No, marriage counselling is for anyone who is in a romantic relationship be it in or out of marriage, even for LGBTQ couples.

Is online marriage counselling effective than traditional therapy?

Yes, marriage counselling is more effective because it is sometimes difficult for couples to talk about their relationship face-to-face. Online counseling helps you talk easily.

Can I take marriage counselling before marriage?

Yes, you can take pre marital counselling to resolve any differences between your partner before marriage.

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