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Welcome to our free Mental Health Self Assessment Test. This test is designed to help you gain insight into your mental well-being and identify potential areas of concern. Please answer the following questions honestly and to the best of your ability. Your responses are confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

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Anxiety Test

Assess your levels of anxiety and identify potential symptoms such as excessive worry, restlessness, and difficulty concentrating.

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Depression Test

Determine if you're experiencing symptoms of depression, including persistent sadness, loss of interest in activities, and feelings of hopelessness.

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Select the specific test(s) you wish to take from the options provided: Anxiety Test, Stress Test, Depression Test, Relationship Test, PTSD Test, or Mental Health Test.

Honest Self Assessment Test Online


Answer Honestly

Respond to each question in the test(s) honestly and based on your experiences over the past two weeks. Choose the option that best reflects your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors during that time period.


Self Assessment Test Result for Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Review Your Results

After completing the test(s), review your results to gain insight into your mental well-being. Take note of any patterns or areas of concern identified by the assessment. Remember that these results are for self-awareness and are not a substitute for professional diagnosis or treatment. If needed, consider seeking guidance from a qualified mental health professional for further evaluation and support.

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How do I take the self-assessment test?

To take the self-assessment test, simply navigate to our website and locate the test section. Click on the test relevant to your concerns—stress, depression, or anxiety—and follow the instructions provided.

Is the self-assessment test confidential?

Yes, absolutely. Your privacy is paramount to us. All information gathered through the self-assessment test is kept strictly confidential and is not shared with any third parties.

What do the results of the self-assessment test mean?

The results of the self-assessment test provide an indication of your current mental health status regarding stress, depression, or anxiety. While they offer insights, they are not a diagnosis. We recommend seeking professional guidance for a comprehensive evaluation.

Can I access counseling services after taking the test?

Certainly! Our platform, OnlineCounselling4U, offers professional counseling services. If your self-assessment raises concerns or if you simply wish to speak with a counselor, you can easily book a session through our website.

Is the self-assessment test a substitute for professional help?

No, the self-assessment test is not a substitute for professional mental health assistance. It serves as a tool for self-reflection and awareness. If you have significant concerns about your mental health, we highly recommend seeking support from qualified professionals.

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