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Best Anonymous Online Counselling in India by Mariana

Mariana (View Profile)

Matosinhos, Portugal
1753+ Cases Solved
English, Portuguese
Stress, Anxiety, Career, Depression, Grief, Crisis, Vocational Guidance, Trauma, Panic Attacks, Stress Management, Relationship Issues, Anxiety Management, Life Adjustment, Motivation, Emotional Intelligence, Work Life Balance, Time Management, Communication

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Best Anonymous Online Counselling in India by Gordana

Gordana (View Profile)

Ruma, Serbia
1846+ Cases Solved
English, Serbian, Croatian
Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attacks, Depression, Sex Therapy, Relationships, Domestic Violence, Addictions, Agoraphobia, Alcoholism, Burnout, Couples Therapy, Divorce, Eating Disorders, Self-confidence, Parenting, Fear, Procrastination, Grief, Trauma, Life Changes, LGBT+, Sense Of Life

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Best Anonymous Online Counselling in India by Maria

Maria (View Profile)

Brasov, Romania
1789+ Cases Solved
English, Romanian
Clinical Psychology, Marriage Issues, Pre Marital Problems, Post Marital Problems, Families Problems, Couples Psychotherapy, Relationship Issues, Sexology, Relaxation Techniques, Mindfulness, Art Therapy

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753+ Cases Solved
Hindi, English

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3953+ Cases Solved
English, Hindi, Kannada

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1236+ Cases Solved
Tamil, English

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369+ Cases Solved
English, Hindi

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New Delhi
798+ Cases Solved
English, Hindi

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