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I am a psychologist and have been in this field for almost 2 years now. I come from a background whe read more...


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I am a psychologist and have been in this field for almost 2 years now. I come from a background where I got to live in a lot of cities all through my childhood. It has helped me grow immensely as a person and has also made me gain a lot of perspective. I believe that I am a great listener and abstain from giving any unsolicited advice.

'No judgement' is something that people easily claim to do, however they still end up judging us in one way or the other. However, I am someone who actually practices the policy of no judgment because that is how I have been much before I got into the field of psychology.

I feel that I am good at guiding people with their career choices and the aptitudes they might have for certain careers. I am also very helpful in helping people gain perspective of their relationships and their families. More than a counsellor, I like to see myself as a friend who would be there as and when asked for!


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