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Childhood, teenagehood, adulthood and old age - these are the four major stages of a person’s life. Each of these stages comes with its own challenges and problems. A person might need some help to navigate those problems successfully.

Hence, in present times, online mental health counselling has become something that people turn to when life’s challenges become emotionally overwhelming. Mental health counseling is also very helpful in understanding one’s own emotions and strengths.

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If you are new to this topic, let us first explore what online mental health counselling is all about.

What is online mental health counselling?

Online mental health counselling is the kind of mental health service that is provided over the internet. Online counselling for mental health can be conducted via chats, phone calls, video calls or emails.

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Over the years, online mental health counselling has been given various names. While some people call it e-therapy, others call it teletherapy. Online mental health issues counselling is also known as online psychotherapy and online therapy. Many people simply call it online counselling.

Who provides online mental health counselling?

Online mental health counselling is provided by qualified, well-trained and experienced mental health experts. Online counsellors, online psychologists, online therapists, online psychotherapists and other mental health care providers are well-versed in online counselling for mental health issues.

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If you have been looking for a reliable online mental health counsellor, then you can contact OnlineCounselling4U. Chat with a trained mental health counsellor and start your healing process right away!

Pros of Online Mental Health Counselling

In the last couple of decades, online mental health counselling took precedence over in-person counselling. This had happened because many people had found it more appealing than a face-to-face consultation with a mental health expert.

Given below are the pros of online mental health counselling —

1. Online mental health counselling is more convenient.

One of the reasons why online mental health counselling is so popular is because people find it more convenient. Online counsellors and therapists can be consulted from the comfort of your home.

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When you get mental health counselling online, you are not bound by time constraints. You can schedule your online mental health counselling sessions according to your own convenience.

2. Online mental health counselling is more accessible.

People living in remote places are often deprived of good mental health care facilities. When someone living in these kinds of areas needs help for mental health issues, they end up travelling a long way to reach a mental health clinic.

But when it comes to getting online counselling and therapy, all they need to do is get online and begin their healing process. People who have mobility issues also find online mental health counselling very useful.

3. Online mental health counselling is more affordable.

One of the biggest pros of online mental health counselling is that it costs less than face-to-face counselling sessions. It is because online counselors and therapists have lesser overhead costs (rent, electricity, etc.) than therapists who carry out mental health counseling sessions in a clinic.

Online mental health counseling being more affordable means that a greater number of people are opting for online counseling. People who stay away from regular therapy due to financial stress, can easily go for online counselling and therapy.

Mental health counselling online

4. Online mental health counselling is more approachable.

A major characteristic of online counselling is discretion. People can get help for mental health issues without revealing too much about their identity. Many people who need mental health support like to keep things under wraps. They find online mental health counselling very appealing.

People who struggle to talk about their mental health problems also find it more comfortable to get mental health counseling online. Hence, online mental health therapy is deemed more approachable than in-person therapy.

5. Online mental health counselling offers multiple communication methods.

In face-to-face counseling, there is only one type of communication method. That is to talk to a counselor in-person. However, online mental health counseling gives people seeking therapy multiple options of communication.

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People can discuss mental health issues via chat, video calls, phone calls and emails. Which means that even the shy ones can talk about their mental health conditions freely with an online psychotherapist.

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Different people might have different problems in their life. And these problems might eventually lead to certain mental health issues. If you are going through something like that, then you don’t need to suffer in silence. Help for mental health issues is just a few clicks away. Get counselling for mental health problems from the mental health experts at OnlineCounselling4U. And start your healing process today!

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How is online mental health counselling carried out?

Online mental health counselling is conducted through chats, video calls, phone calls and emails. You can contact an OnlineCounselling4U mental health counsellor and begin your healing process soon.

Are online mental health counsellors qualified?

Online mental health counsellors are required to have the same training and skills as in-person counsellors do. So, you can rest assured that online mental health counselors carry all the necessary qualifications for treating mental health issues.

In which languages is online mental health counselling available?

At OnlineCounselling4u, you can get online mental health counselling in any language you are comfortable with. Hindi, English, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Urdu, Odia, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada or Tamil.

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