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Neuro-linguistic Programming counselling (NLP Counselling) is a counselling approach that involves a psychologist or a counsellor analyses strategies that are used by people who are successful and thereby applying them to reach a personal goal. It could include anything - thoughts, language, behavioural patterns that are learned through specific outcomes.

NLP counselling in India

And, the best part about NLP Counselling is a positive human psychological approach because it takes the neutral side of experiences. So, even if something goes bad, it is neither good nor bad but only a source of more useful information. Your psychologist uses a set of language and and sensory-based interventions and behavior-modification techniques to help client improve their

  • self awareness
  • Confidence
  • Communication skill
  • Social behaviour or action

Online Neuro-linguistic Programming counselling(NLP) in India

ultimate goal of NLP Online Counselling is to make you understand that your actions and thoughts does affect the world, how you operate in the world and how it is very important to to change the thoughts and behavior patterns that have not proven beneficial in the past.

Techniques of NLP Counselling

Your NLP counsellor might use visualisations, as well as visual-kinesthetic dissociation, which is a process by which the therapist guides the client in reliving trauma from the distance of an imaginative, out-of-body experience.

Also, your therapist will also work on correcting the language that you use that leads to negative thinking and faulty communication.

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What to expect of NLP Counselling?

Since its advent, the NLP counselling has been effective in treating a wide range of issues like:

So, if you are looking for a good Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapist, come to OnlineCounselling4U where you can find a wide range of NLP therapists that are licensed mental health professionals and therapists with additional training in NLP interventions and techniques.

Here, you can talk to them over the phone, chat or video calls - the idea is to make you have the most comfortable and safe online counselling experience with any NLP therapist you choose.

Best Online NLP Counselling treatment in India

The people who believe in neuro-linguistic programming believe that everyone has a personal map of reality. And, we are all capable of analysing our own and other perspectives to create a systematic overview of one situation. So, when we understand the range of perspectives, the NLP user gains information. So, senses are vital for processing available information. Your body and the mind influence each other. Therefore, NLP counselling is an experiential approach. So, in order to understand an action, they must perform that same action to learn from the experience.


Is NLP counselling effective?

NLP counselling is a more experiential approach. Therefore, it is important to relate to your thoughts, language, and patterns of behavior learned through experience to specific outcomes.

What does NLP counselling help with?

NLP counselling is proven to be effective in treating many psychological problems both short term and long term like anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCDs, Post traumatic Stress, communication issues, BPD, schizophrenia and many addiction related problems.

Is online NLP counselling effective?

Yes, online NLP counselling is also as effective as face-to-face NLP counselling. Moreover, online, you are in more control of yourself so you tend to share a lot with your counsellor. Hence, it is the more effective way to receive advice and solutions to your problems.

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