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A counselling psychologist bringing 5+ years of experience in Human Resources and corporate counselling. My focus is to help clients have a deeper understanding of their concerns and reach their potential using their natural strengths.

I am an ardent believer of Cognitive therapy and specialise in the same. I believe with a change in perception towards a situation, any goal can be achieved. Being non-judgemental of oneself and others can help a person find their true calling and that is something that I strive for in all my sessions with my clients. My therapy is solution focused, which has helped clients find new ways to overcome their personal roadblocks.

I, have so far dealt with issues related to Intrapersonal problems (Self-esteem, procrastination, anger, indecision, Negative thinking etc.), Interpersonal (conflict between siblings, co-workers, classmates, spouse etc.,), stress & anxiety, Academic issues (Time Management, Motivation, Note making and effective study techniques)

My clients come from all walks of life and with different kinds of skill sets. I work with my clients with the belief that every human being already has what it takes to have a fulfilled life. I work on building my clients with what already exists within them and skills that they wish to learn. All I expect, from my clients, is a bit of consistency, faith and patience.

When you hear the word therapy, you might picture something that has to be fixed. However, this isn't always the case; positive psychology approaches and strategies are used by counsellors that look past what went wrong and instead ask clients about their goals and the skills they'll need to achieve. This philosophy is the very basis, why I chose counselling as a career.


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