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Are you going through a heartbreak? And, there is nothing to be ashamed of! Believe us, this is the second most natural thing you can experience as a human being. Breakups involve feeling sorry, more for yourself than for the other partner. And, more than feeling sorry, in reality, it has more to do with rejection. Rejection of yourself and then, working on yourself to get over the developed sense of comfort. It seems easy, but the art of letting go takes time and things like relationship counselling, break up counselling and rejection counselling can really help you sail your boat a little easier. In the end, you will be the one responsible for getting yourself out of feeling a heartbreak.

Family conflict break up counselling for husband and wife in India

According to Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, there are five stages of grieving that the person got through when he/she experience grief because of heartbreak or a breakup. They are as follows:

1. Denial

“Is it really over? I just can’t believe it!”
This stage involves where you are not able to accept if the relationship is really over and you develop alternatives in your head to make everything right.

2. Anger

“Why is this happening to me?! How could s/he do this?!”
The feeling of being betrayed and wronged can develop anger in you, which again is very normal if you have experienced heartbreak.

3. Bargaining

“I need to get him/her back.” “Can we give this another shot?”
You try every rule in the book to try to make everything right or look for chances if there is some ray of hope of getting back with your partner.

4. Depression

“I can’t go on.”
You lose hope, and that my friend, is again ver normal. You manifest and develop physical symptoms - like loss of appetite, excessive/deficient sleeping, persistent fatigue.

5. Acceptance

“What had to happen, happened.”
Now this is the final stage where you accept that certain things happened and make peace with it. It may not ensure happiness but makes your struggle with a heartbreak a little easier. Its all about coming to in terms with it and moving forward.

Online break up counselling in India

These processes are easier said than done. And, that is where the role of a break up counsellor comes in where you learn to cope with everything in a more constructive and healthier way.

There is nothing wrong in if you seek relationship counselling or a breakup counselling. What matters is how you can help yourself get over the grief and make things work for you again. With the advent of technology, seeking online counselling for you has also become easier where you don’t need to step out of your comfort zone and still can talk to a relationship counsellor - a friend/ a stranger who you can trust will have a trusted break up advice for you in order to help you to move on.

Online break up counselling for couples in India

As experts in online breakup counselling, here’s what you can do for starters because what we, as break up counsellors are looking at is to make things a little easier for you while you are going through such grief as heartbreak.

  • Maintain Distance From Your Ex
  • Talk Through Your Troubles
  • Write Your Woes Away
  • Show compassion to yourself
  • Start Exercising
  • Re-Invest in Other Spheres of Life
  • Take Things One Day at a Time

And, last but not the least, learn to believe on yourself. We understand that breakups can be isolation but this is not the end. Life goes on, and you need to stand in your feet and let the world know that you exist.

With the help of relationship and break up counsellors at , you will learn how to cope with your break up or a heartbreak effectively. What you get here is an expert online counsellor right from the comfort of your home, with whom you can share things at your own pace and time. We, do not believe in rushing things up! Our advice on love, heartbreaks and breakups involves years of research and tested counselling sessions so that you are able to cope with what you are going through effectively without having to destroy yourself in the process.

You are not alone, always remember that.

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