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CBT Counselling Or Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most popular and effective types of psychotherapeutic treatment. This helps in helping people identify and change not only their destructive behaviours but also their disturbing thought patterns that may have a negative influence on behavior and emotions.

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CBT Online Counselling is known to effectively treat emotional difficulties, depression, and anxiety for it works on making amends to the spontaneous negative thoughts that have a detrimental influence on mood. What happens is that your online counsellor will identify the negative thoughts, challenge, and work on replacing them with more objective, and realistic thoughts.

Some of the strategies used by CBT counsellors are e journaling, role-playing, relaxation techniques, and mental distractions.

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Types of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

So, there are a range of CBT techniques that are used to address one’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Some of the basic ones that you should know too are:

  • Cognitive Therapy - This centres on identifying any negative thinking patterns, emotional response and behaviours.
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy - This addresses thoughts and behaviour while at the same time incorporating strategies such as emotional regulation and mindfulness.
  • Multimodal Therapy - This type of CBT techniques believes in addressing seven interconnect modalities such as behavior, affect, sensation, imagery, cognition, interpersonal factors, and drug/biological considerations.
  • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy - This technique believes in identifying irrational beliefs, and finally learning to recognize and change these thought patterns.

Even though the above online counselling therapies use different techniques, the underlying aim is to challenge, identify and resolve the impact of irrational thinking.

Benefits of CBT Counselling

Cognitive-behavior therapy is useful in treating

Online Cognitive-behavior therapy(CBT) in India

In the end, CBT Counselling is highly goal-oriented and focused. People will have to work with your counsellor together to achieve the desired result. You are taught that they cannot control every aspect of the world around them. But what they can do is take control of how they interpret and deal with things in their environment.

Also, after the therapy, there’s a need to self monitor that involves tracking behaviors, symptoms, or experiences over time. You can share them with your CBT therapist and therefore, you progress gradually.

Well, it is true that change can be difficult initially but when you recognize that certain thoughts are not rational or healthy, you need to be first aware and then things become easier.

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How to find a CBT Therapist?

Finding a reputed therapist for CBT counselling can be a tedious task. So, we at OnlineCounselling4U have streamlined the process for you and made it simpler for you to find help. From the comfort of your home, now you can choose one that you feel comfortable to discuss your problems with over phone, chat or video call. We have a large team of online counsellors, psychologists, and family therapists, that assess and analyse and then customise the right treatment plans to suit every need.

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Where can I find best CBT Counselling experts?

You can get connected to a speciality CBT counselling expert at OnlineCounselling4U, which is India’s leading platform to get connected to online counsellors, psychologists, and family therapists from the comforts of your home.

Who can benefit from CBT counselling?

Actually, it's a very structured approach for anyone who is not able to deal with their negative emotions rationally. You identify, challenge and finally work towards changing your attitude towards things that are not in your control.

What can I expect from an CBT counselling session?

Well, after a successful REBT therapy session with a certified counsellor, you can have a better understanding about yourself and start to cope with the world around in a more positive way. You start recognising that you cannot control the world outside but can change your thinking towards it.

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