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Stress is something which every one of us faces at some point of life. It might be work stress, relationship stress, study stress and so on. But sometimes stress can become the worst nightmare of our lives. We can not count stress as some disease or disorder and it can not be considered as an injury even. But it leaves some serious negative impacts on our physical and mental health. It can cause multiple physical and psychological illnesses in the human body and mind and affect their vigour. We need stress counselling to reduce our stress level.

Online stress counselling in India

How does stress affect our health?

Stress causes some serious issues in us. The effects of it are both physical and psychological. You can be affected by stress physically or mentally or by both. It is found that people who are going through immense stress usually face physical issues like cold and flu, stomach upset, tight shoulders, headaches, increased or decreased appetite quite frequently and also to the addition, these symptoms don't go away easily.

The mental illnesses a person suffering from stress usually faces are anxiety, depression, low self esteem, low self worth, irritability, mood swings. These people easily get overwhelmed when they are asked to work on a task and complete it. Another mental health issue people face due to stress is the sleep issue. They can not fall asleep as their brain remains at work even after the work hours are over. One can also face a situation just opposite of it which is sleep more than usual.

What is stress counselling?

We consider stress as a part of everyday life and try to manage it by ourselves. We don't think of taking stress counselling sessions as help. But there are situations when we fail to cope up with the high level of stress and start facing the health issues related to it. This gets our productivity lessened. Stress counselling is something which we need in such situations.

Stress counselling is a management process which we learn about, by taking online counselling sessions with a professional therapist and talking to them about the stress related situations we are facing in daily life.

Who is a stress counsellor?

A stress counsellor is a professional psychotherapist who is experienced in helping people with stress management techniques to reduce their stress level. They can help you with ways to handle the stress of your daily life to lead a better life.

Why do we need stress counselling?

Stress counselling and management are very effective against stress. They help us to identify the reasons after our stress and make us understand the process to manage the stress and reduce it.

The stress counselling session gets conducted in a non judgemental, private, soothing environment which provides the client with ease to speak out about their issues. The counsellor will listen to your issues and suggest you with tips to get out of stressful situations.

Both of you can discuss your issues and get a way out of it. You can be honest with your therapist and tell all the secrets of yours as he/she will never judge you with those which makes them the best people to help you offload. We get multiple benefits from stress counselling which are like:

  • We turn into a self understanding personas through stress counselling sessions. We start understanding our problems and find out the solutions to them ourselves.
  • Working people find ways to cope up with work stress and feel better about their professional lives. Stress Counselling doesn't help them to get rid of work stress totally but it can reduce its intensity.
  • Managing stress helps people regain their vitality and they get more energy to work.


Stress is not something which can be left unnoticed. Accumulated load of stress can make you feel worthless and spoil your happiness. So, whenever you find the symptoms of over stress in you, do not hesitate to consult a psychologist who will offer you unconditional positive regard and guaranteed confidentiality.

Best Online Stress Counselling treatment in India

You can also conveniently avail stress counselling online if you have an issue with travelling. You have to simply type 'Online Therapy for Stress', 'online stress counselling', 'online stress counselling near me', 'stress counselling online', 'stress counsellor online' or 'online stress counsellor near me' in the search engine. Our counselors are 24*7 available and would love to offer you their service in your preferred language.


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FAQ related to stress management

What is stress?

Stress is a response made by our body and mind to a real or imagined event happening in our life which affects the functions of our body and mind positively or negatively.

One feels stress when they are handling work or emotional load more than they are used to handle. At the time of stress, our body functions similarly as it does during a dangerous situation. The heart speeds up, breathing becomes faster and you feel tons of energy inside you.

Is stress harmful to us inevitably?

No, stress is not inevitably harmful to the human body. There are various types of stress but each of them is not harmful. There is positive stress which is good for us. Positive stress is known as eustress which can be psychological, physical, biochemical or radiological. But there is some chronic stress which affects our body and mind negatively. This type of stress is known as distress.

They are the negative stress which we usually get to hear about from people and also sometimes, after hearing disturbing news. Excessive good stress can also affect our body in a negative manner as it drives us overwhelmed. So, be it positive or negative, we should control our stress level to stay healthy.

How to understand that you are stressed too much and need stress counselling?

Stress always does not affect us negatively. Expected stress of an exciting life is always good for us. But the negative stress must not affect us much. Whenever the distress level increases beyond a tolerable limit we face some negative symptoms in our body and mind like headache, anxiety, depression, stomach upset, irritability and so on.

You should learn to judge and understand your behaviour and body's condition as an outside observer does. If you find these symptoms becoming chronic in you then your stress level is too high and you must seek the help of stress counselling or online stress counselling with a therapist.

How to relieve stress through stress counselling?

Relieving stress is important for a healthy life. For that, you need to learn stress management techniques. To learn stress management techniques, you can take help of Stress Counsellors who are the experts in it.

They can lead you on the right path. You can start following those stress relieving strategies. All of them might not be helpful for you but you will distinguish the ones which are useful to you. Practising them whenever they are needed will help you to get relief from stress. Thus you can find peace in you.

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