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As much as our lives are getting easier with the help of technology the more stress can be seen in people regardless of their age or gender. More and more people are looking for stress counselling.

But before you go for any stress management counselling get all the information to understand what actually you are feeling.

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So first thing first, how do you define stress?

Stress, a feeling of tension, which is felt emotionally or physically invites many feelings such as irritation, angriness, nervousness or frustration.

Stress actually is just a way of our body's reacting to any change. Stress can be seen in emotional, physical or mental state.

But stressing over something is normal so do you actually need online counselling for it?

Everyone feels stressed not only in tense, sad or angry situations but also in happy moments too. Stress doesn't harm always rather it prevents your body and sometimes helps you to be focused and energetic.

Counselling is needed only when stress becomes harmful for your body.

But when does stress become harmful?

Stress is harmful when you start to see the physical signs in your body such as headache, High blood pressure, insomnia, chest pain etc.

Well, it is still arguable that whether stress brings diseases or comes with a disease.

But, surely stress is an inventor of most mental health diseases such as

Not only mentally but stress affects a person physically too. While being stressed it becomes difficult to sleep well or eat properly. Not eating and sleeping properly brings headache, tiredness etc. Most of the people seek help from online counselling at this level when stress starts affecting their mental and physical health.

Our body is prone to release the hormones called cortisol and adrenaline when we feel anxious or stressed.

Being stressed most of the time means that your body is probably releasing more hormones and this eventually can affect the physical health of your body.

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Where's the solution?

The moment you feel that you are not able to control your stress and it has started affecting your life miserably, it's time to consult a therapist. OnlineCounselling4U has a lot of experienced and trained psychologists who have treated numerous people through stress management counselling. The therapists are available 24x7 a day and 365 days a year to provide you stress counselling in your preferred language. You can reach the therapist through call, chat, video call or Email. Do not worry about your identity as you have all the rights to be 100% anonymous. Contact today to get the best stress management counselling.


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Why Do We Stress?

Stress can be due to many reasons from personal life to professional. It can come from being under pressure or worrying too much or not having any change in life.

What are the common signs of stress?

There are a lot of signs that show that you have stress but the most common ones are headache, chest pain and nausea.

Is stress good or bad?

Sometimes stress makes you more productive and active. But having too much stress, especially emotional stress that stays for long weeks is not at all good for the body.

Is anxiety caused by stress?

Yes, stress is one of the common reasons that triggers anxiety. Hence it's important to get rid of stress to avoid anxiety symptoms.

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