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Learning Disability Counselling

Everyone’s brain functions in a different way. It is all different how your brain receives, processes, stores, and analyses information. You must have noticed that every child in a class is different and takes his/her own time in learning information. Learning disability challenges an individual’s ability to learn, read, and write.

It is often seen that an individual’s learning disability is often ignored and sometimes, prolonged because it directly affects their performance, relationships and rate of success. We do not mean that the individual lack anything in comparison to his/her peers but definitely, he/she needs a new improved technique to process and learn. You need to do away from the traditional techniques of learning and maybe develop an alternative method of learning. Free Anger Management Online Counselling India

This is exactly where our Learning Disability Counsellors come into play. At OnlineCounselling4U, our expert online counsellors first identify the type of learning disability. Yes, you are right. There are different types of learning disability for example,

  • Dyslexia, a language-based learning disability.
  • Dysgraphia, handwriting and fine motor skills
  • Auditory Processing Disorder, difficulty processing sounds from the noise
  • Language Processing Disorder, difficulty forming meaningful sentences
  • Non-verbal learning difficulties, Visual-spatial, motor, and social skills
  • ADHD, Attention deficit hyperactivity

Have you noticed anger, stress or frustration in your child lately? Since learning disability is so crucial to our future, it is advisable to the parents to talk to our online counsellors with the immediate effect so that it can be properly diagnosed at an early age. You can connect with our online counsellors via phone call, chat or email and discuss your issues.

Let us tell you that we do not have a magic want to cure learning disability, if any but with a proper and certified Learning Disability Counselling, you can surely help your child develop and learn alternative techniques to cope, focus and concentrate.

Our online counselling sessions 100% safe and secure and you can discuss your problems anonymously. All we will do is identify the real cause of the problem or what type of learning difficulty that your child is dealing with and then try to develop suited learning techniques.

Sometimes, talking is very helpful and bring out inner inhibitions and anxieties, which could be part of the problem. Our online counsellors specialise in dealing with people with learning disabilities and helping them cope with them in a more effective way. A professional learning disability counselling can help anyone overcome the challenges they face in learning new skills and have a vision towards a better future.

So, don’t feel shy, anxious because we are all different. It is just that your brain processes information in a different way. Our online counselling therapist will find a better way so that you learn efficiently. The best part is that you don’t have to go anywhere. Just log on to our website and connect with our certified online therapists. Talk to them. They will guide you through all your issues. Have a 1-on-1 chat.


Is learning disability a mental health disorder?

No, learning disability is caused by a faulty wing in your brain and it is not a mental health disorder.

Can learning disabilities be cured?

No, learning disability cannot be cured. But with counselling and proper treatment, support and timely intervention, children with learning disabilities can also excel in schools and have a prosperous career.

What can cause learning disability in a child?

Learning disability in a child can be caused by a number of factors like family history, genetics, prenatal risk, psychological trauma, physical trauma among many other factors.

What does learning disability affect?

A child with a learning disability can face difficulty in reading, writing, math, reasoning, listening, and speaking.

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