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My name is Sonia, currently living in Hyderabad. I have done masters in Psychology (subjects clinical, counseling, sport, and positive) from Punjab Un read more...


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My name is Sonia, currently living in Hyderabad. I have done masters in Psychology (subjects clinical, counseling, sport, and positive) from Punjab University and diploma in guidance and counseling from DEV SAMAJ COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, Chandigarh. Internship done from ICSE board school under the guidance of counselor where I have dealt with various types of cases involving family issues, student and teacher relationship, bullying, suicide , sexual and physical abuse, social, academic pressure and high expectation etc. and also studied cases related to ADHD, SLOW LEARNER, LEARNING DIFFICULTY AND CLASS ROOM PROBLEMS.

I worked with children with special needs children who suffered from behavioral issues or disorder like ADHD, Autism, stress, physical or sexual abuse, abusive language, lying, parents, guardian and also care givers in rehabilitation centre in Chandigarh. It was great learning experience and added to my knowledge and helped shape my career.

I have gathered experience in counseling children, adolescents and adults, to understand their emotional, mental state. Since last 2 year, I am closely working on intellectually disability of children, their parents who are suffering from stress, anxiety, marital issues, Family Conflict, emotional disturbance etc. I have counseled special children, adolescents and adults by visiting their places.

During my session i have seen some children with good learning abilities. Then can learn different words, body language, gesture, behavior, which are not socially appropriate such as abusive words, nonsense talk, aggression, violent, disrespect. For these children it’s difficult to understand our society rules, they learn those thing which you teach. They are not aware of these things so it’s our responsibility to take care of them as a counselor, teacher, therapist, psychologist etc.

With the clients most important thing is relationship of trust, listening skills, confidentially and professional boundaries and safety of patients. I strongly believe in the power of therapeutic relationship to provide the support and impetus for change


  • Masters in Psychology
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