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Counseling psychologist Stress anxiety and depression management Motivation NLP practitioner (neuro linguistic programming) Certified Happiness Coach Relationship issues Marital issues Family issues Personality disorders Behavioral issues ADHD Counseling and CBT


Lavanya is a counseling psychologist, NLP practitioner, Stress and anxiety management expert, and your Happiness Life Coach. I have a vast experience in dealing with people of all age groups. I can help you with you stress and anxiety management issues, depression, relationship issues, health issues that require counseling, confidence building, stage fear, examination stress, connecting with one own self, and other emotional issues.

I can be your buddy with whom you can share your deepest fears. I will help you to deal with the ups and downs of life. Being your Happiness Life Coach, I can make you learn through different techniques how to stay happy and focused even in the times of crisis.

I am also a social worker. I work for the welfare of street animals and downtrodden humans. I am a member of an NGO SAFE Hyderabad which works for street animals and also a part of Robinhood Army that works for various orphanages and oldage homes and helps other needy humans. I like to share my thoughts on human psychology through my blogs. So contact me immediately to connect to the root of your problems to root out them forever!!


  • MA in Counseling Psychology
  • Diploma in Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management of ADHD
  • Family Counselling, Marriage and Couples Therapy
  • Diploma in Counseling Psychology
  • Diploma in Stress and Anxiety Management
  • NLP Practitioner certificate Course
  • CBT certificate
  • Happiness Life Coach certificate


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