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When we describe our lives as a journey with ups and downs it includes a lot of emotional roller coasters too. A busy lifestyle piles up stressors, tr read more...


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When we describe our lives as a journey with ups and downs it includes a lot of emotional roller coasters too. A busy lifestyle piles up stressors, traumas, issues with managing our anxiety, anger, and many more in line.

It is not uncommon to go through any mental health issues, as we get cough cold, and aches now and then, occasionally we mentally suffer from aches and acne but it is important to get a remedy for it.

My name is Prakrithi , a qualified mental health practitioner from 3 years, ready to assist you in your difficult times. I have my Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Mangalore University. Previously I have worked in a school setting, NGO, and also in college which makes me understand a variety of problems faced by different age groups.

I believe in each individual being separate from one another and having the potential to live their life to the fullest with a little support. I am here to provide that little push by listening to you actively empathetically and help you to be happy.

In the society filled with a lot of myths about mental health where people look backward to see a counselor as they fear being judged, I assure you a complete non-judgemental confidential setting to vent out your pent up emotions, frustration, and issues of all kind.

I have my proficiency in dealing with issues related to stress management, anger management, relationship issues, study-related issues, emotional management, learning disability, behavioral issues. I prefer tailoring the therapy and the process for the individual based on their needs.

Never think twice to seek help when you need it and to be the helping hands when others need it and live the rarest things in the world. You are not alone to heal your inner child, let us drive together through the process of being mentally healthy.


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