Sex Counselling

Do you fear about your sex life or do you think talking to a sex therapist will complicate things more? Or, you of the opinion that this is just a phase and it will fade away? But still you two feel

  • Disappointment in Sex
  • Sex becomes the cause for many fights
  • You feel that you are stuck
  • You two are losing touch
  • or, you two feel neglected or granted.

Free Online Sex Counselling India

Our team of online counsellors and trained therapists think that you might need sex counselling and there is nothing to worry about. Generally, sex problem is related to sexual dysfunction or a difficulty in the sexual response cycle. One is not comfortable with the emotional and physical changes that take place when a person becomes sexually arouse. Masturbation and arousal have become difficult and you don’t seem to find a resolution.

Do you know what causes these problems and this is where our team of online therapists and online psychologists come into play. This is exactly what we, at online counselling 4 U, does for you. Our online counsellors talk to you via phone, email or chat - any medium that you are comfortable with from the comfort of your home/office/ anywhere in the world, and try to find out the real reason behind your sex problem. Sometimes, all we need is just ‘talk therapy’ and we can identify and find a resolution.

Free Online sexual Counselling in Delhi, Mumbai India

Generally, sex problems are a combination of:

  • Physical factors - These factors might include diabetes, heart disease, drug abuse, surgery, pregnancy or other ailments.
  • Psychological - Anxiety, anger, depression and other mental health issues are also responsible for a lot of sex problems.
  • Emotional - We undergo a lot of emotional trauma like sexual abuse, relationship problems, failures, loss of a loved one which can also lead difficulty in your sex life.
  • Situational - Stress can cause a lot of problems both in professional and personal life. Stress Management is an important factor that is considered while addressing sex problems in sex counselling.

Talk with Online Sexual Counselling Expert

We have a team of certified sex therapist/ sex counsellors that are available to talk to you any time of the day. All you need to do is just book an appointment with one of our sex counsellors and talk to them via phone, email or chat. You decide the time and date according to your convenience. All the more, we know that talking about sex in India can be a little difficult at times, but don’t worry. Sex problems can be resolved. Talk therapy. We keep your identity anonymous. Your data and details are 100 per cent kept confidentially. Get in touch with one of your personal online sex counsellor today.

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