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Sexual wellness counselling is a very broad topic. It encompasses everything from performance anxiety to emotional scar caused by some sort of sexual trauma.

Many people around the world suffer from various types of sexual issues. But they often hesitate to get help. It is because of all the taboo attached to anything related to sex.

However, this should not happen. People have the right to take care of their health. And they should be able to get help for sexual health issues if they need it.

Free Online Sexual Wellness Counselling India

Online sexual wellness counselling is a great option for people who are trying to find a sex therapist and are not sure about where they can find the best counsellor for sexual counseling.

If you are new to the topic, let us explore sexual wellness counselling in depth.

What is sexual wellness counselling?

In a nutshell, sexual wellness counseling is the type of counseling or therapy wherein a top therapist helps individuals and couples solve various sex related issues.

These sexual issues can be physical or psychological. More often than not, certain psychological hang ups create physical sexual issues in people.

Online sexual health counselling is very helpful in finding a solution for numerous sexual health problems.

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How does an online sexual wellness counselling session take place?

Online sexual counselling sessions take place over the phone, video calls, chats and emails.

A person or a couple seeking online sexual counselling can opt for any of the above mentioned modes of communication.

What happens during an online sexual wellness counselling session?

The way that sexual wellness counselling sessions are conducted online may differ from case to case and person to person.

You must know that online sexual counseling is basically getting online therapy for sexual issues by talking to an online therapist.

During an online sexual counseling session, the online psychotherapist would delve deeper into the sexual history of the person seeking therapy to understand certain sexual, physiological and psychological patterns.

How sexual wellness counselling works

These sexual, physiological and psychological elements are crucial in treating the sexual issues that person might be facing.

Once the sexual problems and issues are diagnosed, the next step is to find the best course of treatment to solve those issues.

While helping people get treatment for sexual issues, online counselors may give them ‘homework’ or certain tasks to be completed. These tasks are very important for the whole healing process to work.

The tasks can be anything from simple communication exercises to certain actions that need to be carried out between you and your partner/husband/wife.

One important thing to remember is that you can be completely frank with your online therapist.

You should always tell your online psychotherapist what you are comfortable with and what you are not comfortable with.

How sexual wellness counselling works

What is a sex therapist?

A sex therapist is someone who is qualified and skilled enough to conduct therapy sessions for sexual health issues.

An online psychotherapist who specialises in online counselling for sexual issues can be of great help when it comes to treating sexual problems.

While seeking sexual health counselling online, it is important that you find the best online therapists for sexual counseling.

How sexual wellness therapist works

How can sexual wellness counselling help your relationship?

Sexual wellness counselling can help a couple in a relationship in multiple ways.

  • An online sex therapist can help a couple understand each other’s sexual needs and desires.
  • Through sexual counseling, two people can learn how to enhance their emotional and sexual communication.
  • Couples therapy that includes sexual counselling also teaches the people seeking online counseling how to explore their sexual fantasies without any inhibitions.
  • Sex therapy helps a couple in discovering their sensual and sexual side. This in turn helps in eliminating sexual boredom.

Sexual boredom is one of the major reasons why relationships fizzle out over time.

Do you need sexual wellness counselling?

Sometimes, a person may be in need of sexual wellness counselling and not even realise it.

Sexual wellness counselling

If one or many of the following factors sound like something that you can relate to, then you can try online sex therapy.

  • Libidos - If your libido or sex drive does not match with your partner’s sex drive, then sexual wellness counselling is something that may be able to help you out.

  • Low Libido - If you have a very low libido and it is affecting your relationship with your partner, then you can consider getting online sexual health counselling.

  • A paradigm shift- Do you want to bring a major change in the type of relationship you share with your partner?

    Are you thinking about becoming polyamorous? Or do you want to end polyamory and be in an exclusive relationship with your partner?

    Whatever your dilemma may be, online sex therapy or couple’s therapy might be of great help to you.

  • Infidelity - Trying to overcome infidelity is one of the hardest trials a person can go through when they are in a relationship.

    Online sexual wellness counseling can assist two people get over all the pains and mistrust created due to all the lying and cheating that took place because of infidelity.

  • Sexual boredom - In many relationships, one or both the partners experience sexual boredom after a certain period of time.

    Sexual counselling can help those people find the best course of action to find a practical solution to this very common problem.

  • Sexual disorders - Many people around the world suffer from numerous sexual disorders.

    Online sexual counselling can help those people in resolving the sexual issues that they are facing.

  • Sexual trauma - Unfortunately, numerous people go through appalling sexual trauma in their life. This renders them unable to experience sex in a positive way.

Which in turn affects their future life and happiness. Online sex therapists can help people with sexual trauma to a great extent.

If you are making a search for ‘best sex therapists near me’, you can simply contact us. We would help you set up an online counselling session with top psychotherapists in the country.

Types of Sexual Health Issues and Disorders

Humans suffer from a number of sexual health issues and sexual disorders. Some of those types of sexual health problems are -

1. Sexual Pain Disorder - Though sexual pain disorders are mainly associated with women, it can be suffered by men as well.

Types of Sexual Health Issues

In women, sexual pain disorders are often caused by inadequate lubrication of the vagina during sex. It can also be caused due to lack of arousal and hormonal changes.

In men, sexual pain disorders are seen in the form of Priapism. Priapism is basically a prolonged erection of the penis.

Priapism can be very painful and can last up to several hours, even when there is no sexual stimulation.

Sexual pain in men can also be a symptom or result of genital herpes, Peyronie's disease, prostatic inflammation, yeast infections, skin disease and urinary tract infections.

2. Sexual Desire Disorders - Sexual desire disorders can be of two types.

In one type, there is a lack of sexual desire in the sufferer. In the other type, there is an excess of sexual desire in a person.

Both the types of sexual desire disorders can lead to complications in a relationship.

The lack of sexual desire is caused by low levels of estrogen (a hormone) in females and testosterone (a hormone) in males.

Other factors that lead to a lack of sexual desire are depression, anxiety, pregnancy, increasing age, conflicts in a relationship, physical illnesses and certain medications.

An excess of sexual desire is caused by various factors such as dopamine agonist medications, an imbalance in the neurotransmitters and certain health conditions.

Sexual Desire Disorders Counselling

3. Orgasm Disorders - There are three different types of orgasm disorders. In the first type, an individual is unable to achieve climax during sex.

In the second type of orgasm disorder, a person experiences climax that is often delayed. In the third type, an individual reaches climax way too early than desired.

There is also a condition known as Retrograde ejaculation. This is when ejaculation takes place into the bladder and not through the penile orifice like it should.

4. Sexual Arousal Disorders - When a person is suffereing from some sort of sexual arousal disorder, they often have an aversion towards or a tendency to avoid sexual contact with a partner.

In males, sexual arousal disorder is in the form of inability to get an erection or the inability to maintain an erection once they obtain it.

It may also be when an individual is able to maintain only a partial erection.

In women, sexual arousal disorder is when a vagina fails to get adequately lubricated during sex.

Though all these types of sexual health disorders and issues seem to be physical, the truth is that they are often caused by psychological factors. Many are caused by physiological factors as well.

Online counselling for sexual wellness issues is a great way to solve many of these sexual disorders.

Online Counsellors at OnlineCounselling4U

Most people find it hard to talk about sexual issues. And hence, they stop themselves from getting the help they need. But this should not be done.

If you are facing any sort of sexual problem, you can contact OnlineCounselling4U. Through us, you can speak to trained online therapists who are well-equipped to help you find a solution.

You can chat with an online counsellor in any language you prefer. Be it Hindi, English, Malayalam, Punjabi, Telugu, Gujarati, Odia, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, etc.

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Does sexual health counselling work?

Online sexual counselling does work pretty well as long as the person seeking counselling is following all the advice and instructions of the online psychotherapist.

Do I need to be in a relationship to get sexual health counselling?

No, you do not have to be in a relationship to receive sexual counselling. Online sexual counselling can be sought after by an individual as well as by a couple.

Does medicine work better than sexual counselling?

Medicines and sexual counseling usually work in tandem in order to treat a person with sexual issues. Though in some cases, only medicines might work.

The nature of sexual issues is such that sex therapy or sexual counselling is often required. Be it with or without any prescribed medicines.

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