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As the business counselling experts, we, at OnlineCounselling4U have a dedicated team of highly certified and trained counsellors and psychologists that help with dealing with mental health problems at work like dealing with pressure, how to handle a team effectively, motivation counselling and teaching leadership skills, and much more.

In the wake of the current pandemic, our services are available online, on video call, phone call, chat and email. However, as soon as things return to normalcy, our online counselling experts can visit your workplace personally.


What do we do?

Issue Identification

Our team of business counselling experts focus on identifying the precise reasons for the stress caused to the individual.

Improvement Programs

Our experts create improvement programs based on the issue type for fast and better results.

Educate the Employees

We educate the employees on mental health issues and how most of them can be treated with counselling.

Self Help

We promote self help techniques for a stress free environment which results in increased efficiency.

OnlineCounselling4U intends to help employers like business founders, CEOs, budding entrepreneurs and employees create a stress free environment for better productivity, improved mental health and low attrition rate.

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Helping Businesses Achieve Full Potential

Happy Workplace

We help businesses create happy workplaces by giving them mental health counselling

Certified Professionals

We have a team of more than 550 certified psychologists/counsellors.

Impressive Clientele

More than 50,000 cases have been solved over the years.

Online & Offline Support

We take counselling sessions both online and offline depending on your requirements.

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Simply call us on our direct phone lines to get in touch with our business counselling managers.

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What is business counselling?

Business counselling is a counselling service given by experts to corporates, business founders, CEOs, small business owners as well as employees to address workplace stress and mental health related issues.

Why do I need business counsellors for my workplace?

You need a business counsellor to help you, as a business owner to address productivity issues, helping employees identify and resolve their personal as well as work-related issues, boost motivation and increase focus.

Do business counseling experts take sessions in office too?

Yes, OnlineCounselling4U business counselling experts take counselling sessions face-to-face by personally visiting your office and meeting both employers and employees. However, we also take sessions via video call, phone call, chat and email.

Where can I find best business counselling experts?

You can get in touch with the best business counselling experts in the industry in one place by directly getting in touch over the phone or filling out an online form. Our business counselling managers will put you in touch with the best according to the needs and requirements of your business.

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