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Some degree of abandonment fear is completely normal and there is no need to be scared. But if this fear is persistent and severe then, you might be in need of abandonment counselling. But let us first understand some of its underlying causes and symptoms.

The fear of being abandoned by others in life is called abandonment fear. But how much is actually too much?

This fear can not only develop in the childhood but also in your adulthood due to divorce, breakup, abuse or serious traumas such as death in the family. So, gradually you start living in constant fear that you will be abandoned. The result - you may find yourself in self-destructive relationships, beliefs and habits such as alcohol abuse or drug addiction. There can be a sense of worthlessness or insecurity or vulnerability. But sometimes, it takes years to recognise if you need abandonment counselling.

Online Abandonment Counselling in India

What are the symptoms of abandonment issues?

Ask these questions to yourself:

  • Do you suffer from thoughts of worthlessness, inadequacy, vulnerability, or insecurity?
  • Do you face abandonment issues in relationships? Have you distanced yourself from your partner before they can distance themselves from you?
  • So you compulsively text your partner to get relationship reassurances?
  • Have you been clingy, controlling, manipulative or possessive in your past relationships and there is a pattern that you follow?
  • Have you been in too many emotionally unavailable, abusive, to destructive relationships?
  • You try to please people or keep emotionally charged subjects to yourself removing the possibility of any danger to your relationship.
  • You are unpredictable! And this just because you live in a constant sense of fear that you just cannot stabilise your mood.

What Causes Abandonment Issues?

If the answer to any of these questions above is a yes, then you need some help in order to solve these abandonment issues. And you are not alone. These feeling of abandonment can develop due to a lot of environmental factors like if you have endured any kind of trauma, be it physical, emotional, or sexual abuse; been neglect as a child due to unstable family dynamics, faced spousal abuse, divorce, drug abuse or there could be chronic physical or mental illness of a family member, death of a family member.

Causes Abandonment Issues

How to overcome Abandonment Issues?

Although these feelings have deep roots in your childhood, but with the help of a trained counsellor, these issues can be dealt with. So, if you are wondering if therapy can really solve these deep-rooted issues then, the answer is yes. There are a lot of psychotherapies that have been effective in managing relationship anxiety. Depending upon your need, our online counsellors will recommend a combination of self-relaxation and self-care methods, that may include yoga, mindfulness, meditation, guided relaxation, or expressive arts.

Where can I get abandonment counseling help?

The first step is to recognise and then take treatment for abandonment issues. The action is to speak to our highly trained online counsellors and take therapy sessions from the comforts of your home.

We, at OnlineCounselling4U, our online counselling therapists are available 24x7 to help. Find guidance at just a single click. Our certified online counsellors are ready to chat or phone call in your preferred language like Hindi, English, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia and Punjabi within India and abroad. But first and foremost the first step is always to recognise and accept.

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Will my information be kept confidential?

When you take guidance services from any of our top online counselling therapists, your information is kept 100% confidential, private & anonymous. Even so, that once the consultation & online counseling session is over, not even your therapist can contact you thereafter.


Is my fear of abandonment destroying my relationships?

Yes, because you are constantly sabotaging your chances of success in the healthiest of relationships and you date the most unsuitable partners.

What are the long term effects of abandonment issues?

Abandonment issues are linked to Borderline Personality Disorder and attachment anxiety.

How will abandonment counselling help my relationships?

Your abandonment issue doesn’t let you trust others. So, abandonment guidance will only help build trust, first on yourself and then others.

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