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Online couples counselling is exactly what it means - a 100% safe environment for couples to talk about their issues by coming together and working upon improving their bond. Your expert counselling therapist will provide you judgement-free advice to rekindle love and intimacy by emotionally healing the two.

There is no denial to the fact that romantic relationships are hard and hard work to maintain. And, on top of it, if there is a problem, it is best to consult a counsellor and repair it rather than avoid it adding on to the complications.

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Be it in a marriage or dating, it is also true that couples work on repairing their relationship themselves but sometimes, we need to rely on a professional therapist to give us advice. Relationship therapy is effective when the situation has become serious and can lead to either divorce or a breakup.

So, to avoid any damage, and repair the emotional and physical bond between couples due to high resentment it is important to find help. Feel free to talk to online counsellors because researches do indicate that couples can go unhappy in relationships for as long as six years and more before they seek advice from an expert.

Best Couple Counselling in India

Although the longer you take, the longer the relationship counselling will take to resolve conflicts and at the same time, commitment and effort from both partners.

In addition there are also some misconceptions that couple counselling is only for couples for very serious issues including infidelity or addiction, but as a matter of fact, it is effective for a wide variety of relational issues. Because relationship issues can also affect mental health, it is important to find the right guidance.

What is Couples Counselling?

It is a form of psychological treatment that focuses on

Best Couple Counselling in India

  • a specific problem like sexual difficulties, addiction, jealousy, other conflicts
  • Active participation by both the partners.
  • Solutions

A counsellor will begin relationship therapy by asking you questions regarding the history of the relationship as well as values and cultural background. After, the counsellor will identify problems and focus on the treatment that includes assigning both the partners homework to understand their relationship dynamics.

Benefits of Online Couples Counselling Or Relationship Therapy

No Boundary - From the comforts of your home, from anywhere in the world, you can talk to OnlineCounselling4U counselling experts in your preferred language - Hindi, English, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, Punjabi or any other regional language.

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Efficient - Best of all, the counselling service is available 24x7, so you can choose a time of your own.

Open Communication - You can choose to chat, or connect on a phone for the couple counselling sessions because there is no need to meet face to face. And, research has shown that online counselling treatment is as effective as meeting a psychologist in person.

Non-Judgemental and No Stigmas - Often counselling in India is looked at with a lot of stigmas attached. Therefore, a lot of people don't even show up for their counselling sessions. With online counselling, there is no space of stigmatisation.

Privacy & Confidentiality - When you find help for your relationship through online counsellors, we guarantee 100% privacy, confidentiality and you can talk anonymously.

What can Couples Counselling help with?

There are different aspects in a relationship that determine how well that particular relationship works.

Couples counselling can help with many of those aspects. Some of which are -

1. Beliefs and values - Religious beliefs, certain values and the effects they have in your daily lives are things that are important, but they are seldom discussed.

You and your partner can discuss all these things at couples counseling.

2. Children - When it comes to kids, there are various factors that may affect a relationship. Do you want to have children while your partner does not?

Do you want to raise your kid in a particular way, while your partner wants to do it in a completely different manner?

Are you and your partner having a hard time trying to conceive and would like to adopt? Do you already have kids and still would like to adopt but your partner is opposing it?

Whatever your issues might be, couples therapy can help in resolving those issues.

3. Role in the Relationship - Each relationship is different. Couples counselling can help identify the varied roles you and your partner play in the relationship.

It can also help in identifying the differences in expectations in a relationship. It is useful in detecting unhealthy relationship dynamics as well.

4. Finances - When it comes to issues in a relationship, finances is a pretty common one.

Couples therapy encourages an open dialogue and transparency when it comes to incomes and spending habits of partners in a relationship.

5. Quality time - These days, everyone is busy with one thing or the other. As a result, relationships are suffering.

Couples counselling is a great opportunity for you and your partner to discuss the issues that have been the reason for keeping you from spending some quality time together.

6. Health issues - Physical illnesses or mental health issues often affect relationships as well. Usually, in a negative way.

When you get online counselling for relationship issues, it helps you deal with the strain those health issues might put on your relationship.

7. Sex and intimacy - There are many relationships where sex and intimacy does not come naturally. It is something that couples struggle with.

Issues like sex, intimacy, or infidelity can be resolved with couples therapy.

8. Familial relationships - Couples counseling is not just about addressing issues between you and your partner exclusively.

It is also helpful in solving issues with your partner that may arise due to conflicts with other family members.

9. External stressors - External factors like a job etc. can put extra strain on a relationship. Couples therapy helps you sort out any issue created by such external factors.

Is Couples Counselling Truly Effective?

Surveys have found that couples counseling is truly effective when it comes to solving various relationship issues such as communication, problem solving, forgiveness, fulfilment of needs and expressing feelings etc.

Online couples counselling can be quite effective when the partners seeking online counselling are open for honest discussions.

Techniques used in Couples Counselling

Online counsellors use various techniques to help a couple overcome the issues they are facing in their relationship. Those techniques are -

1. Gottman Method - The Gottman Method helps couples address various elements that cause conflicts in their relationship.

It also equips you and your partner with a number of problem solving skills that come in handy in the long run.

This method is very useful in improving the quality of the relationship you share with your partner.

2. Emotionally Focused Therapy - Online therapists use Emotionally Focused Therapy in order to improve the attachment shared by you and your partner.

The best online therapists can help you identify and correct the patterns that create feelings of disconnection between you and your partner.

3. Behavioural Therapy - Behavioural Therapy is used by top online counsellors to mould behaviour by reinforcing positive actions between partners that helps in developing stability and satisfaction in a relationship.

Behavioural Therapy is also known as Behavioural Couples Therapy. It is also useful in neutralising negative behaviour.

4. Ellen Wachtel’s approach - This is a much desirable couples therapy technique that is easily accepted by most couples.

According to this technique, each partner engages in self-reflection rather than blame.

This strength based therapy technique usually focuses on the positive aspects of a relationship.

5. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is also known as Cognitive Behavioural Couples Therapy.

This kind of couples therapy includes identifying and changing thought patterns that are responsible for negative actions or behaviours.

6. Psychodynamic Couples Therapy - When Psychodynamic Couples Therapy is used during online therapy, a couple is able to understand each other better.

It is the kind of couples therapy technique that helps couples in figuring out the underlying hopes and fears that drive their relationship.

It is one of the most useful therapy techniques used by online psychotherapists.

Reasons why you should get Couples Counselling

There are various reasons why people in a relationship get couples counselling. Some of those reasons are -

1. Eliminate dysfunctional behaviour - Online counsellors are equipped to help couples identify dysfunctional behaviours. They also help couples in eliminating those behaviours.

Identifying and correcting dysfunctional behaviours is essential for a relationship to keep running smoothly.

2. Promote understanding - Understanding between two partners in a relationship is uber important.

When there is a lack of understanding between two people, the relationship they share with each other suffers.

An online therapist can help you understand yourself and your partner better. As a result, your relationship flourishes.

3. Enhance communication skills - Couples counselling is very useful in improving your communication skills. And hence, you and your partner are able to communicate more efficiently.

One huge positive effect of improved communications skills is that you would be able to express yourself better.

You can simply ask your partner what you need without attacking or blaming your partner for your unfulfilled needs and wishes.

4. Find relationship issues - Online counsellors are trained to help couples identify certain issues that cause mistrust, conflicts and feelings of disconnection from a partner.

Hence, couples therapy can help you and your partner find such relationship issues and take the necessary steps to overcome those issues.

5. Conflict resolution - Sometimes, two people in a relationship find it tough to resolve conflicts on their own.

No matter how hard they try, they just don’t seem to reach an agreeable conclusion.

In such situations, best online counsellors can help you and your partner resolve any relationship issue you might be facing.

6. Relationship satisfaction - Online couples counseling can be very useful in achieving overall satisfaction and happiness in a relationship.

An online therapist can act as a moderator who helps two people voice their opinions, expectations and feelings in a non-judgemental environment.

This helps greatly while two people are trying to heal their relationship.

7. Learn important skills - Online couples therapy equips couples with certain tools and skills that are useful to them even after online therapy ends.

These skills and tools can be employed by the couples whenever there’s any conflict in the relationship.

Couples Counselling at OnlineCounselling4U

Having relationship issues? Do not worry. Contact OnlineCounselling4U and chat with top online therapists.

Having problems in a relationship is quite common. Couples counseling can help in resolving a lot of problems that may occur between you and your partner.

You can chat with our top online psychologists over phone calls, video calls, chats and emails.

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Can online couples counselling make things worse?

No. In fact online couple counselling is more effective than traditional counselling because of the ease of communication.

Can couples counselling save the relationship?

Even though counselling is no medicine but it can definitely improve relationships and prevent breakup and divorce.

Can unmarried couples go for counselling?

Yes, any couple be it married, unmarried or homosexuals can go for couples counselling.

How does relationship counselling work?

Your counsellor will work upon identifying and resolving conflicts in relationships.

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