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The moment you are heard, your heart starts healing...



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The moment you are heard, your heart starts healing...

I always remember that for the clients I see, I may be the only person in their life capable of both hearing and holding their pain. I am always thankful to Almighty for giving me the patience to be a good listener and having empathy for them. My guidance has helped many of them to travel through their darker times. I make them feel worthy and confident. They come with number of problems thinking that there is no solution and after my session they themselves are able to see the way out. I have the technique to train their stressed brain to relax and that solves all the problem. This gives me utmost happiness and satisfaction.

My clients freely discuss their all sorts of problem as I do not disclose their identity. 100% Privacy is maintained.

I try not to advise my clients, instead help them to understand themselves better and find their own ways to solve their issues. This gives them the feeling of confidence. I need series of sessions which step by step makes the client open up and understand me and my work. With time and doing counseling since so many years have taught me so many new things and now can read the client by his/her behavior, way of talking that how honestly he/she is telling about the situation. This is called experience and I feel learning is never ending because of which I would love to work with your team. At present I do not know how and what kind of clients will I get but this is for sure that I am very much excited to heal all the painful souls. I will try my level best.

Since, 2011 counseling the depressed, anxious and stressed clients successfully. Relationship issues, parenting guidance, career counseling, issues regarding low confidence and self esteem is my expertise.

I am certified psychology and career counselor. Recently did supplement advisor course as this helps me treating certain clients. Doing what is my passion gives me feeling of joy and satisfaction. At present I am self employed and taking sessions face to face, through chats and telephonic as per the convenience of my client


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  • Certified in Counseling & Psychology
  • Certified in Career Counseling


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