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What is Counselling?

Counselling is a systematic process where a counsellor and the client sit together to share and discuss the stressful situations that he/she might be going through. Your psychologist will listen, analyse and help you deal with your negative and harmful emotions like stress, anxiety, and grief in a more constructive way.

The basic aim of a counsellor is to help the client see their problems be it in a relationship, marriage, breakup, family, parents, adolescence, LGBTQ, menopause or addiction - clearly, rationally and possibly in a different light. If you are dealing with any kind of mental issue, it's better to seek help from a professional counsellor.

Your therapist, depending on the problem, may conduct different types of psychotherapies to help you deal with your problems and overcome deep rooted mental issues.

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Stress Management, Anxiety, Overthinking, Negative thinking, Parenting, Depression, Relationship issues, Pre-marriage counselling , Time management, Behavioural issues for adults, Behavioural issues for children, Family issues, Parent-child issues, Divorce , Constant negative thoughts, Low self esteem, Emotional problems

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History of counselling

Counselling can be traced back to even the tribal times when people used to come together and share their problems and experiences as part of the community.

However, in the modern age, counselling took off majorly after the Second World War in 1950s America. Before that, Sigmind Freud, a German neurologist laid its foundation where he developed a theory called psychoanalysis that allowed people to discuss their problems with a psychoanalyst, commonly now referred to as a psychologist that interpreted your subconscious mind.

What Is Online Counseling?

Mental Health problems are still considered a taboo and while we are all working together to overcome such social stigmas, online counselling comes as a blessing.

Counselling is:

your long term solution to mental health problems that you are facing. A basic counselling session requires a minimum of 4-5 sessions depending on the individual problem/s. Accordingly, your counsellor will decide on the psychotherapies you will need to overcome the issues that you are facing that are affecting the smooth functioning of your life.

Counselling is not:

an emergency helpline number. For example if you develop suicidal thoughts or tendencies, counselling is not your suicide helpline. Please seek guidance from your immediate friends and family members. Never be afraid to speak out what you feel. But counselling can definitely help in early stages of developing negative feelings, emotions and behaviour like stress, anxiety, grief and depression.

Types of Counselling

Counselling is a broad category that encompasses varied subfields when it comes to working with clients on the their issues with the help of psychotherapies and treatments:

Individual Counseling

This type of counselling is done face-to-face with a client in a safe clinical environment. A certified trained counsellor will work one-on-one with the client using talk therapy to begin with care and confidentiality.

Relationship & Marriage Counseling

Matches might be made in heaven but keeping a relationship be it marriage or a love affair requires work and it is understandable that we all face our ups and downs. Talk with a online marriage counselling psychologist with 100% Anonymous.

Career Counseling

Career Counselling is aimed at helping an individual choose the right career path based on your interests, passions, strengths, and weaknesses.

Educational Counseling

A top education counsellor works with students regarding their social and career goals. In this competitive age, students face a lot of stress, anxiety and depression dealing with pressure in schools and colleges.

Areas of Counselling

Counselling is not at all limited but is actually an umbrella term for varied areas of life problems that it provides an effective and a long term solution for.

Best Online Counselling treatment in India

How online counselling help in India

We, OnlineCounselling4U are here to help you for your mental health problems. You can talk to a counsellor anytime round the clock and 24x7.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Counselling

Do We Really Need Counseling?

Yes, sometimes in life we are not able to look at our personal problems and deep rooted issues rationally and we need someone to listen to our problems without any judgement. And, this is where counselling helps. Your certified trained counsellor will help you effectively deal with your situation after analysing your patterns, emotions and behaviour.

Who Needs Counselling?

Any person suffering from negative thoughts, emotions, self destructive behavior, stress, anxiety, depression, fear, grief on loss of a loved one need professional counselling. Counselling will help you talk about your problems and in most of the cases, overcome it.

What can counselling help with?

Counselling and a certified counsellor can help with dealing with marriage problems, stress, low self-esteem, anxiety, fear, depression, menopause, LGBTQ issues, dementia, Alzheimer’s, teenage problems, parent-child issues, learning disabilities, career autism and more mental health related issues.

I feel like commiting suicide. Can counselling help me?

Counselling is not an emergency helpline number for committing suicide. Although if you are dealing with self-destructive thoughts, behaviors and patterns, you can definitely get help from a counsellor. Remember counselling is a long term therapy for such issues, not a suicide helpline.

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