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Career Counselling

Career Counselling is aimed at helping an individual choose the right career path based on your interests, passions, strengths, and weaknesses.

The right career counsellor will help you make rational and informed choices based on various analytical studies of your aptitude, personality, intelligence and psychometric test so that you are able to reach your full potential in any career choice you make. If you are confused about which course to study, which is the best career path for you or which college to go to - a career counsellor can help you with that.

What Is Career Counseling?

Students often choose a study program and end up clueless after graduation. With lots of doubts and hesitation in mind, they often end up making a career choice which is completely opposite of their interests, potential, and abilities. One of the main reasons for it to happen is that because of less knowledge, students think that there are only a limited number of career options in the world but career counselling helps you identify hundreds of career choices that you can make in life. At any stage of life, even if you have completed your graduation or even started working, you can take career counselling sessions at home to explore the options. Based on the assessment of your career, you can get unbiased guidance on what drives you, what you are good at, your likes and dislikes, how you think.

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Best Anonymous Online Counselling in India by Aleesha

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Client centred counselling, Adolescent counselling, career guidance, motivation enhancement training, marital counselling, couple therapy, family therapy, Interpersonal therapy, Social rhythmic therapy, Dialectical behaviour therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Relaxation training, CBT, Stress management, Geriatric counselling, Psychometric testing, Psychometric assessment.

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Best Anonymous Online Counselling in India by Nikita

Nikita (View Profile)

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Education counseling, Higher education, Student counseling, Career coaching, Career development

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Best Anonymous Online Counselling in India by Megha

Megha (View Profile)

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Stress Management, Anxiety, Depression, Career Counseling, Child Development, Build Skill in children, Adolescents, Life Adjustment, Self Esteem, Socio, Emotional issues in children, Emotional issues in women, Trust Issues, Relationship adjustment issues, Relaxation Techniques, Relationship Counselling, Breakup, Pre Marriage Problems, Post Marriage Problems

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Best Anonymous Online Counselling in India by Saachee

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Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship issues and management, Stress management, Mindfulness based Art Therapy, Parental Coaching, Social and Emotional Skills Development, Soft Skills Development

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Best Anonymous Online Counselling in India by Suruchi

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New Delhi
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Abandonment, Anger management issues, Depression, Romantic Relationship, Family relationship, Self-esteem issues, Self-worth issues, Emotional counseling, Behavioral counseling, Anxiety, Stress management, Grief counseling, Phobia, Child counseling, Adolescent counseling, Childhood trauma, Loneliness, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Eating disorder, Adjustment issues

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How Does Career Counseling Help?

With the help of the top career counselors in India, you can now make informed and rational choices related to your career. Focused on better understanding of yourself as an individual and then taking the advanced career assessment, personal recommendations about your career, online counselling sessions with certified counsellors, all-round career support and step by step career planning is all a part of career counselling. No matter which part of your career you are in - in school, out of school, choosing a college, after graduation, higher studies or working, you will find the best help from the top career counsellors in India. Career Counselling provides a safe space to discuss all your hesitations, queries and doubts related to your career.


Is career counselling effective?

Yes, career counselling helps to remove all the confusion related to your career path and helps you decide according to your likes, interests and abilities.

Can I get online career counselling?

Yes, you can get effective career counselling sessions with a highly trained counsellor online. Schedule an appointment and you can talk to the counsellor via phone or chat.

Who needs career counselling?

Career counselling can be taken by students, graduates and even working professionals. Basically anyone who is looking to change or start their career and confused about which option to choose.

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