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Taking care of one’s mental health is as important as taking care of physical health. With the onset of online psychological counselling, getting therapy has become easier than before. Many people find online counselling and therapy more preferable than in-person therapy.

All around the world, people who need a psychologist find chatting with an online psychologist more convenient. After all, they don’t need to leave the comfort of their home in order to consult an online psychologist.

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These days, online psychological counselling is also known as online counselling, online therapy, online mental health counselling, teletherapy, e-therapy, online psychotherapy, web counselling and cyber therapy.

Psychologists who provide online counselling sessions have the same qualifications as psychologists who provide therapy in-person. Online counselors are also quite well-trained. They are experienced mental health experts who can help you solve your mental health issues.

Advantages of Online Psychological Counselling

People of any age and gender might require online psychological counselling. Speaking to a psychotherapist is a great way of taking care of mental health.

Advantages of Online Psychological Counselling

Stated below are a few known advantages of online psychological counselling -

  • Convenience - Getting stuck in traffic is not a fun experience. And you might need to drive for an hour or more just to get to a therapist’s office. Opting for psychological counselling online is a much better option for you.

    Getting psychological help online is also great for people who are uber-busy. When lack of time is keeping you away from a psychologist, getting therapy online is something that you can consider.
  • Accessibility - An important advantage of online psychological counseling is that it is more accessible than traditional in-person counseling. It is very useful for people living in rural or remote areas where mental healthcare facilities may not be easily available.

    It is also quite useful to individuals with mobility issues and/or paralysis. Going to a mental health clinic in-person may not always be possible for them. Hence, chatting with an online psychotherapist is something that they can do.

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  • Approachability - Not everyone is comfortable talking about their mental health problems with a stranger. Especially when a shy person needs to discuss emotional issues with an in-person psychotherapist, he or she might find themselves struggling to express their emotions.

    This is one of the major reasons why many people find online psychological counseling so appealing. Since the individuals seeking online therapy do not actually need to meet a therapist face-to-face, the factor of shyness goes away.
  • Affordability - Oftentimes, people from certain financial backgrounds refrain themselves from getting psychological help due to monetary limitations. And it has already been established how important it is for people to take care of mental health.

    online psychological counselling india

    Online psychological counselling has made it possible for individuals of different economic backgrounds to get help for mental health issues. After all, online counselling and therapy costs less than in-person therapy.
  • Choices - One of the biggest advantages of online psychological counselling is that it provides numerous different choices to people seeking help for mental health problems.

    An individual can chat with an online therapist via chats, phone calls, video calls and emails. Some online psychological counselling websites also provide therapy seekers the option of choosing their online psychologists themselves.

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We, OnlineCounselling4U, provide online psychological counseling for a number of psychological issues. Are you going through depression, grief, stress or break-up? Or are you experiencing addiction issues, sexual issues, or panic attacks? Whatever your mental health issue might be, our online psychologists can help you in the healing process. You can chat to our online therapists through chat, video calls, phone calls and emails.

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Best Anonymous Online Counselling in India by Himani

Himani (View Profile)

New Delhi
1638+ Cases Solved
English, Hindi, Punjabi
Relationship Counselling, Eating Disorders Counselling, Overthinking Counselling, Negative Thinking Counselling, Grief Counselling, Midlife Crisis Counselling, Happiness Counselling, Guilt Counselling, Loneliness Counselling, Depression counselling, Art therapy, Psychological Assessments, Motivation counselling, Family Therapy, Deaddiction, Stress, Anxiety, Psychological Assessments, CBT, DBT, Marital Therapy, Relaxation techniques, Psychosis, OCD, Relationship Management, Stress Management

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Best Anonymous Online Counselling in India by Bhavya

Bhavya (View Profile)

New Delhi
98+ Cases Solved
English, Hindi
Depression, Motivation, Anxiety, Stress Management, NLP, Breakup, Relationship, Marriage problems, Panic Attack, Overthinking, Personality, Emotional, Adolescent, Alzheimers, Behavioural, Grief, Happiness, Loneliness

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Best Anonymous Online Counselling in India by Revathy

Revathy (View Profile)

1236+ Cases Solved
Tamil, English
Anxiety, Stress, Anger issues, Depression, Relationship issues, Couple counselling, Family therapy, Trauama, Self consistent issues, Career counselling, Grief & loss, Body image, Phobia, Parental counselling, Pre marital counselling, Post marital counselling, Sleep issues, Sexual issues, CBT, REBT, NLP, ART therapy

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Best Anonymous Online Counselling in India by Megha

Megha (View Profile)

1149+ Cases Solved
Hindi , English
Stress Management, Anxiety, Depression, Career Counseling, Child Development, Build Skill in children, Adolescents, Life Adjustment, Self Esteem, Socio, Emotional issues in children, Emotional issues in women, Trust Issues, Relationship adjustment issues, Relaxation Techniques, Relationship Counselling, Breakup, Pre Marriage Problems, Post Marriage Problems

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Best Anonymous Online Counselling in India by Amarpreet

Amarpreet (View Profile)

1325+ Cases Solved
Hindi, English
Childhood traumas, Romantic relationship, Family Relationships, self-esteem issues, self-worth issues, Attachment style issues, Anxiety, Depression, Family issues, Childhood Abuse

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Are online psychologists reliable?

Online psychologists go through a rigorous screening process. Only well-trained, skilled and experienced psychologists are allowed to provide mental health services online. Hence, you can deem that online psychologists are reliable.

Where can I get online psychological counselling?

Online psychological counselling can be accessed from anywhere in the world. No matter where you stay, you can easily get in touch with an OnlineCounselling4U psychologist.

How can I contact an online psychologist?

It is quite easy to contact an online psychologist. You can get therapy from online psychologists via phone calls, video calls, chats and emails.

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