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If you are reading this page then there could be two reasons - either you have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or someone in your family. And, now you are wondering whether you should get Alzheimer’s counselling and if it will help.

So, let’s first understand that Alzheimer’s affects not only your physical body but also your mind and emotions. As a result, it will also affect your family members, friends and even caregivers. The first step is to recognise that it is a chronic illness that can happen to anybody, there is no treatment and there is no need to feel guilt, shame or embarrassment about it.

Best Online Alzheimers Counselling in India

In this stage, it is very important that you know that you are not alone and together with the help of your family and a trained counsellor, you can cope with its effects in the most constructive way.

Therefore, it is very important to seek help and take quality Alzheimer’s counselling therapies right after your diagnoses. If you have a family member who has just been diagnosed with this disease, make sure you give your advice on taking counselling sessions. Now with the starting of OnlineCounselling4U, you can take online counselling sessions that will help you:

  • Understand your behaviour.
  • Make smart choices and change some behaviour.
  • Get more active - do regular exercise.
  • Be social, like meet your friends and loved ones often
  • Accept that your disease might affect other members around you.

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Our best counsellors will help you understand your disease and thereafter, you can easily manage your grief and other emotions.

Types of Alzheimer’s Counselling

  • Individual Counselling - This is typically for Alzheimer’s patients that are suffering from depression, anxiety, or grief of the illness. If you cannot talk in front of others, it's the best way to go. You can take online counselling sessions from the comfort of your homes.
  • Family Counselling - The fact is that Alzheimer’s diagnosis not only affects the patient but also his/her family members. So, it becomes important for the family to know how to positively cope with the current crisis.
  • Group Therapy - If you are a social person, then you can take our group therapy sessions where everyone suffering from Alzheimer’s comes together and share their issues.

Best Online Alzheimers advice

Where can I get Alzheimer's Counselling after the diagnosis?

At OnlineCounselling4U, we have our online Alzheimer’s counselling therapists available 24x7 to help. You will find the best Alzheimer’s advice from our psychologists at just a single click. The best part is that you can talk to them on chat or phone in your preferred language like Hindi, English, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, Punjabi within India and abroad.

Depressed old mans hand holding for care

Always remember that you or your loved one’s Alzheimer's can get worse and affect life negatively. Therefore, it is important to seek professional counselling treatment. This will help you deal with your everyday’s life challenges in a more constructive way.

Best Online Alzheimers Counselling treatment in India

Will Alzheimer’s patient information be kept confidential?

When you take advice from any of our top online counselling psychologists, your information is kept 100% confidential & anonymous.


How does counselling help Alzheimer’s patients?

Alzheimer’s counselling will help you learn more about your disease and how to manage your emotions.

How often you should go to Alzheimer’s Counselling

It totally depends on the patient’s diagnosis and how well you are able to live with this fact. You have the right to choose the frequency of your sessions.

What is the best treatment for Alzheirmer’s?

It is a chronic mental health condition that is irreversible. So, it is always better to seek help and take counselling to manage day-to-day living.

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