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For us, marriage is not a noun; but a verb. A verb is an action and thus any action requires a skill. Any strong and enhanced skill requires proper guidance and commitment. A commitment to have a strong and prosperous present and future. And, imagine you two as the lotus flower. It too has the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world.

Getting married is a huge life transition. It brings along new responsibilities and expectations.

Hence, it is advisable that anyone who is planning on getting married, try getting online premarital counseling.

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If you have not heard the term before, you may think, what is premarital counseling?

Premarital counseling is basically a type of therapy for couples that helps two people get prepared for marriage.

Premarital counseling is usually useful in identifying certain topics or areas that may create conflict between you and your partner.

Online premarital counseling equips you and your partner with various tools and skills that help you solve the conflicts that may arise after getting married.

Premarital counseling helps couples in discussing other topics such as finances, children, division of household chores etc. These things matter greatly in the long run.

What are the benefits of premarital counseling?

Stated below are the benefits of premarital counseling-

Benefits of Premarital Counseling

1. Focus on positive things- Some people tend to obsess over the negative things in their life.

Going for premarital counseling can help a couple focus on the positive aspects of their relationship and their life rather than overthinking about all the negative things.

2. Learn conflict resolution skills- Problems are bound to arise in any relationship.

During online premarital counseling, the online counsellor introduces you and your partner to certain skills and tools that help in solving those conflicts and issues.

3. Learn about constructive communication- Most problems in a marriage arise due to a lack of communication or incorrect communication.

An online therapist teaches couples to communicate in a way that conveys their thoughts and feelings clearly without attacking the other person verbally.

Constructive communication taught at online premarital counselling sessions is very important to maintain harmony in a relationship.

4. Learn methods of decision making- A marriage involves two partners that make decisions together. It is not about making solo decisions.

Premarital counseling sessions is a place where you and your partner can reach a conclusion on the ways through which you two would be making decisions together in the future.

Doing this before getting married would lead to fewer arguments post marriage.

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5. Remove dysfunctional behaviour- Online premarital counseling helps you to identify certain toxic behaviours and patterns in a relationship.

The online therapist would help you to correct those behaviours.

6. Address marriage related fears- You or your partner might be anxious about the upcoming nuptials or the life that would ensue after getting married.

Online premarital counseling would enable you and your partner to address those issues and find solutions for them.

Intimacy can be challenging for some couples. Premarital sex counseling can help a couple discuss their worries and expectations beforehand.

Premarital sex counseling can be an important part of online premarital counseling.

What topics are discussed at premarital counseling?

The online therapist helps a couple discuss the topics that they want to discuss or the ones that they are comfortable with.

If a topic of discussion seems uncomfortable to one of the partners and they still want to discuss it, then the online counselor shows the couple how present their concerns.

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At online premarital counseling sessions, the following topics are discussed.

1. Roles in the marriage- In order to avoid conflicts and issues later on in your married life, it is important that you discuss the roles that you expect your partner and yourself to play in the marriage.

2. Handling of finances- Money is one of the prime reasons that lead to fights between two partners. Hence, at premarital counseling, handling of finances is discussed.

3. Religious practices- Sharing the religious practices you follow with your partner can lead to better understanding. You and your partner can discuss how these practices might affect your daily life.

4. Premarital relationships- If you and your partner are comfortable with discussing this, then at online premarital counselling, premarital relationships can also be discussed.

It may be about an intimate relationship that you or your partner had before you met each other. As these things are hard to talk about, an online premarital counseling session is the perfect place for you to discuss it.

5. Family relationships- Premarital counselling gives you the opportunity to talk to your partner honestly about your own relationship with your family and any concerns that you might have about the relationship you would share with your partner’s family.

6. Children- Whether you or your partner want to have children in the future or not. And if you do, how do you want to raise them? These things can lead to conflict in the future.

So, it is best to discuss this topic during online premarital counseling.

7. Spending time together- Premarital counseling is also where you and your partner can find out common interests. You can discuss how you two would prefer to spend time together.

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Premarital Counseling @ OnlineCounselling4U

If you are someone who is about to embark on the journey of marriage, then you should try online premarital counseling.

It would give you an insight of what to expect and how to handle any difficulties coming your way.

Our online counselors are available 24/7. So, you can book an online therapy session at a time that is convenient to you.

You can also chat with an online counsellor in any language you are comfortable with.

FAQS for Premarital Counseling

How long is most premarital counseling?

Premarital counseling can take anywhere between 8 weeks to 6 months. The duration of premarital counselling would differ from couple to couple.

What topics are discussed in premarital counseling?

Various topics such as family, friends, health, career, money, debt, religion, division of household chores are discussed in premarital counseling.

Is premarital counseling a good idea?

Studies have shown that going for premarital counselling is a good way of starting a married life. It helps in improving communication and equips a couple with conflict solving skills.

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