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I am a Psychologist registered under Counsellor Counsel of India. A Certified Life Coach and a Mindf read more...


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I am a Psychologist registered under Counsellor Counsel of India. A Certified Life Coach and a Mindfullness Practitioner. I have 1.5 years of experience working with the age group of 4-30. I have a year of extensive experience in Child Development training for the age group of 4-14.

I have conducted 10+ workshops on topics like PCOS, Expressing self through Art, Making Mental health a priority for Children, Caregiving and caregivers burnout.

Feel free to reach out to me for issues related to anxiety, stress, depression, adjustment, overthinking, negative thinking and self talk, self esteem issues, procastination, poor time management, relationship issues. You can connect with me even if all you need is someone to listen to you, cry or vent out, because crying and venting out can help us acknowledge our emotions and seek validation.

I specialize in Mindfullness based Art therapy, Spiritual Coaching,Career Coaching and Life skills development.

I aim to remove the social stigma attached with Mental health and therapy by building more conversations around the topic of Mental health. I believe in the power of psyco-education and that teaching out for help is the 1st step towards our healing journey.


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