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What Is Online Counseling?

Mental Health problems are still considered a taboo and while we are all working together to overcome such social stigmas, online counselling comes as a blessing.

Without having to meet a psychologist or therapist face to face, with the use of the internet, now you can discuss any of your issues online - mainly via three forms of communication that is phone, chat and email. From the comforts of your home or anywhere in the world, you can get help.

Studies have found out that online counselling is far more effective that traditional face-to-face counseling mainly because the client feels at ease and is now able to discuss their personal issues more openly. And, for that matter you can even be anonymous and talk about your problems.

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Advantages Of Online Counseling

In today’s fast paced life, there couldn’t have been a more reliable, safe and secure option than online counselling to discuss any of the life’s problems that you might be facing. There are so many reasons but here we are listing the top reasons to choose online counselling if you are seeking guidance on any of mental health issues.

1. Accessibility

One of the first problems that online counseling solves is that of accessibility. You can talk to your counsellor from anywhere in the world and still get access to help for your problems. No more you need to take the pain of going to meet your counsellor face-to-face, you can talk to them via chat and phone.

Plus, you can choose from a list of trained certified counsellors available on a single platform. If in case, you are not satisfied with your current counsellor, you can opt for another one.

2. Affordability

The major problem that people face when they seek a counsellors help is the cost of such services. And, here online platforms come to the rescue. Unlike traditional counseling, online counseling is the most affordable solution to your mental health problems.

The counsellors providing online counseling services are definitely less expensive and cost effective. It is easy on your pocket because you are also, at the same time saving on the travelling cost.

3. Convenience

You can fix appointments with your counsellor according to your own convenience, any time of the day through communication mediums like phone or chat.

In addition, you can talk to them in English, Hindi or any other regional languages - however you feel comfortable. Online Counseling provides you a suitable counsellor according to your own convenience.

4. De-stigmatise Mental Health Issues

Till today, society sees mental health issues with a negative outlook and this is the reason why people are still hesitant to seek treatment at the right time. With time, issues like your depression, anxiety, fear, stress among the few, become more serious.

So, with the help of online counseling, you can now talk about your problems without letting even your close family members, friends and neighbours know that you are getting help. Privacy is what makes online counseling a more reliable option for young children, parents, families and elders alike.

5. Anonymity

You can be 100% anonymous and still get a counseling session from a trained therapist. The basic aim is to discuss the problems that you might be facing and find a solution. If you are not comfortable, you can remain anonymous and still talk to our expert psychologists.

6. Safe & Secure

Your information that you provide on the online counseling website is always kept 100% safe and secure. Moreover, your personal contact details are not even shared with the counsellors that you are seeking treatment from. Therefore, you can rely fully on online counseling services that your information will always be kept confidential and not shared with anyone.

How is online counseling different from traditional counselling?

The basic aim of counselling is to allow the person to feel comfortable and talk more openly about their problems so that your therapist can clearly and more rationally understand and thereby provide help to overcome any issue that you are facing.

In traditional counseling, which happens face-to-face, it is observed that sometimes, the client doesn’t get comfortable and is unable to tell about the real issues they are facing. Whereas, if you are talking to your counsellor over the phone or chat, however you prefer, you are able to discuss and take advice more openly about your problems. This way, a counsellor can also correctly diagnose the problem and provide you with effective treatment or therapy effectively.

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Is online counseling effective?

Yes, there are proven benefits of online counseling. First, because of the freedom to talk to your counsellor and get help from anywhere in the world, especially for people suffering from agoraphobia, the fear of stepping out of their house.

Is online counseling safe?

As traditional counselling, online counseling is also done in a safe environment with 100% confidentiality and anonymity. The only difference is that the counselling sessions happen over the phone or chat from the comforts of your home.

Is online counseling cheaper?

Compared to face-to-face counseling, online counselling is definitely cheaper because you can talk to a highly trained counsellor anonymously from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world. This definitely cuts down on the cost of travelling.

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