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I entered into the field of psychology to understand child behaviour and its causes. I worked with chi read more...


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I entered into the field of psychology to understand child behaviour and its causes. I worked with children just after my masters, learning about childhood disorders. However, over time I realised that difficult childhood is more about the parenting they received, than the children themselves. In my experience as a psychologist, I have had numerous cases where parenting made all the difference, positive and negative. So, I decided to steer my career towards helping young adults realise their true value, overcome self-esteem issues and become the best versions of themselves.

Now with my therapy, I help my clients to get over their difficult childhoods and even make them aware about how their childhood impacted them, which in turn enables them to become self- dependent and healthy as adults.

I have had opportunities to work in metropolitan cities, which I have really enjoyed, because it was the exposure that taught me. I could see that people are not talking about mental health in hushed voices. However, back in my hometown it was really difficult explaining what my job was, which made me realise that maybe metropolitan cities didn't need me afterall.

So, I decided to explore and contribute to this field back in my hometown. Yes, it's not economically reliable in the initial stages since the opportunities are not abundant, but it gives me the satisfaction of knowing that I am giving back to the society that I grew up in.

For me, being a psychologist is the collaboration of these two important factors i.e. educating young adults about how things they couldn't control affected them and making help for mental health accessible to people who are still surrounded with taboo. These goals have taught me alot about my own perspective and that of others', which is essentially how study of psychology impacts the learners. And this is what I aspire to bring into my own practice along with empathy, respect, compassion and grace.


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