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Marriage is an institution which unites two persons who promise not to give up on each other. Just like every relationship, there can be misunderstanding and conflict between married couples.

Marriage counselling is a process of psychotherapy. Marriage counselling is also known as couples therapy which usually assists couples to understand the difficulties in their marriage and to resolve their conflicts, misunderstandings and problems.

The main goal of online marriage counselling is to improve, strengthen and rebuild the relationship of married couples.

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What is marriage counselling?

Professionally trained psychotherapists having specializations in marriage and family counselling provides you and your partner guidance in any stage, i.e., premarital, post-marital or disturbed.

In marriage counselling, the counsellor suggests different ways of improving your married life eliminating the troubles it involves.

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Who is a marriage counsellor?

The best marriage counsellor is a person who is professionally trained in the field of marriage and family counselling, assisting you in the process of couple counselling. He or she is the one who holds sessions listening to both of you and your partner’s problems, helps you eliminate your mistakes and aid you to rebuild your happy married life.

When to seek marriage counselling?

Several signs can suggest that your relationship is in trouble and both you and your partner need to consult a marriage counsellor. All you need is to find from your daily life the signs like-

  • When either of you and your partner is dealing with issues regarding mental health and substance abuse.
  • When you and your partner have a lot of opinion differences.
  • When there is a lot of communication gap between you and your partner.

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Types of marriage counselling -

Premarital counselling

It is not necessary to be married to seek help from a professional marriage counsellor. Before your marriage, you and your partner can opt to consult our psychotherapists via chat, call, video call or email, in order to avail couple counselling. Marriage counselling helps couples to prepare for marriage is known as pre-marriage counselling. Premarital counselling attempts to provide aid to you and your partner so as to have a healthy and strong relationship. This would, in the turn of events, pave the way for you to experience a happy, prosperous and successful married life. In case our counselors feel the need to see you in person, we then schedule a face to face session for you, where we get to talk things out one to one.

Happy couple pre marriage counselling

Premarital counselling is usually provided by family and marriage therapists. Premarital counselling assists you and your partner to discuss different sort of topics before marriage. For instance- decision making, affection, beliefs, values, desire to have children, roles which should be undertaken by partners in married life, managing finances together and a lot more.

The premarital counsellor might want to enquire about the unique views of your partner about the concept of marriage. Premarital counselling would guide you and your partner to have realistic expectations from your marriage. This sort of counselling would assist you in identifying small differences in opinion or weakness which might help you and your partner to eliminate conflicts in your upcoming married life.

Post Marital counselling

No relationship is perfect in this world. Married couples have also got their share of troubles and conflicts. Post marriage counselling helps to understand problems and resolve issues which, in turn, can make your married life successful.

Post Marital Issues married couples face

Once you get married, apart from the myriads of happy moments and endless emotional support from your partner, some sort of problems might arise which you need to handle with utmost care. All you need is to sort out the problems between you and your partner and in that process seeking help from a marriage-counsellor serves as an excellent opportunity to eliminate both of your mistakes and make your married life a happy one.

When you are married, both you and your partner need to understand each other’s needs, dreams, visions, aspirations and emotions. After getting married, the lifestyle and habits of you and your partner might also get a bit altered, in that case, post-marital counselling helps both of you to accept these changes with a positive outlook and helps both of you to adjust yourself according to your partner’s needs.

Disturbed marriage counselling

Due to many underlying reasons, your married life might face disturbance. There might be unhappiness which can disrupt your happy married life. Misunderstandings, troubles and conflicts are common in any relationship, so married couples also face these sorts of problems in their life.

Anonymous marriage counselling Online in India

Taking each issue in your relationship in an egoistic manner is not the right solution for the ongoing problems and difficulties. In cases of extreme difficulties and disturbances in your married life, either you or your partner should initiate and start solving the problem by seeking professional help from a marriage counsellor. In a disturbed marriage, you might not be able to solve all sorts of struggles on your own and taking professional help might ease the disturbances in your married life.


Bringing marital counselling in your home is no longer impossible. You can now avail online sessions from the comfort of your own homes in your preferred language. Our top marriage counsellors have their availability for 365 days and 24*7. You can search for online counselling in Delhi, online marriage counselling in NCR, online marital counselling in India, online marriage counselling in Gurgaon or using the name of your city. Whichever part of the world you may be in, feel free to get the support of the best marriage counsellor. Be rest assured that everything discussed in the session will be kept 100% anonymous, private and confidential. All you need is to find out the "best marriage counselling service near me".

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Anxiety, Depression, Anger Management, Stress Management, Behaviour Management, Exam Phobia, Overthinking, ADHD, Career Counseling, Grief Counseling, Geriatric Counseling, Anxiety Issues, Child Counseling, Parent Training, Family Counseling, Personality Development, CBT, Mindfulness

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Why see a therapist and not consult with a friend?

Talking to a friend or a colleague about your marriage can help in resolving issues but if you visit a top marriage counsellor, the most important aspect he can offer you and your partner is “experience” helping in rebuilding your relationship to a stronger one.

What is Emotionally Focused Therapy(EFT)?

It is one of the most empirically validated forms of marriage counselling. More than 75% of couples have benefited from EFT. Emotionally Focused Therapy(EFT) is a short term therapy with eight to twenty sessions. EFT was developed by Dr Sue Johnson and Les Greenburg during the 1980s.

How can someone outside your relationship can help you and your partner to resolve issues between you two?

The counsellor, who is completely a stranger to you and your partner, how can he resolve issues between both of you? But, for your assurance, the couple counsellor is the one who is being professionally trained to listen, understand and solve the problems of your marriage.

How long couple therapy takes and how long each session lasts?

The number of sessions required for couple therapy generally varies from couple to couple. Every couple is unique and has a different set of internal issues but generally, most couples start showing gradual improvement by the time of the sixth session.

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