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Whenever we feel stressed about our work or personal life the first thing that comes to our mind is to talk to a counsellor. The term counseling is gaining a lot of ground since people have become more open about how they feel and how taking counseling has helped them. The term counseling, as most of us know, is a form of professional guidance taken by an individual for various issues such as stress, anxiety, depression from a professionally trained counsellor in person. However, this conceptualization is changing as online counselling is different from the traditional counseling.

Best online counselling in India

What is online counselling?

Online counselling India is a form of professional mental health counselling wherein services are provided either through the internet or telephonic medium. The services are mainly provided via video chat conference, e-mails, real-time chat and telephonic calls.

Counseling provided by trained psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors can bring a huge positive impact on our lives. These trained professionals help us in understanding our lives from a different angle and thus fruitful changes are produced.

Psychological help via internet in India

Online counselling in India is still growing but has an immense impact on our lives. People have started taking help online which has helped them in dealing with their stress, anxiety and depression. A more accepting attitude towards mental health has helped in removing the stigmas attached to mental health issues and as a result, has given this platform a growing field.

Benefits of online counseling


Online counselling platforms are accessible to anyone who wishes to seek. It has resulted to be helpful as it helps in getting guidance with just call or click. It does not require an individual to go out to get help and in turn, helps in overcoming this hindrance.

An individual who lives in an area where there are no counsellors, online counselling has proven to be the best alternative solution.

Online counselling via phone, chat, video call India


Online counselling as compared to the traditional form of counselling is more pocket friendly on both counsellors as well as the client’s side. It cuts the commuting cost and also online counsellors charge much less on their part.

It does not require the counsellor to make a therapy place separately and thus cuts the cost of renting or buying a place and cuts the cost of administration procedures.


Online counselling is more convenient as it reduces the hassle of time constraints. Both, the therapist and the client can decide the time on their own and schedule the meeting. Since there is no travelling to other places the stress of not reaching on time is also not there.

How does online counselling work?

All of us, as individuals, face a lot of problems in our day to day life but only a few seek help for issues such as stress which causes headaches, body pain, poor sleeping and eating habits; anxiety wherein an individual experiences fatigue, nausea and restlessness; depression. Many people do not seek individual counselling help as they feel that might be judged by the psychologist.

Online counselling in India is one of the most suitable ways of taking help. A lot of people find it difficult to talk to a therapist in person and prefer online counselling. The call over the internet leads to an increase in honesty and higher self-disclosure from the client. With 100% confidentiality being maintained.

People feel more comfortable when they are at their own homes and this comfort leads to more fruitful conversations and the convenience of having no time constraints keeps an individual at ease.

Types of online counselling

  • Relationship counselling - Couples seek help to mend their broken relations with the help of a counsellor.
  • Depression counselling
  • Abuse counselling
  • Addiction counselling
  • Menopause counselling
  • Grief counselling
  • Dementia counselling

How to find the best online counsellors?

For positive behaviour changes in your lifestyle, find a good online counsellor who can help you deal with stress, anxiety, depression that you may face in your day to day life. Since 2005 At OnlineCounselling4U, we provide online counseling India as an opportunity for you to explore positive changes in your lifestyle. Talk to our trained therapists on phone, chat and email as well as video conferencing 24x7; 7 days a week and 365 days a year from the comforts of your home. There is no judgement and you can talk completely 100% anonymous to any of our online counsellors in the language you prefer within India and abroad. Feel free to talk to any of the online counselors, psychologists and therapists.


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Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Procrastination, Behavioral modification, Low self esteem, Body image issues, Trauma, Grief, Challenges of parenting, Mental Health, Abuse, Art Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Breakup, CBT, Eating Disorders, Hypnotherapy, LGBTQ, Life Coaching, Parenting Issues, Relationship, Time management

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Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Breakup, Relationship, Time Management, Mood Disorders, Psychosis, Family, Adjustment, Personality Disorders, Behavioral issues in children, Learning Disability, ADHD, Autism

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Can online counseling effectively deal with daily life hassles?

Yes, online counselling India has proven to be effective in dealing with day to day life issues. Online counselling in India helps in understanding the core where the problem lies. This awareness helps an individual to manage new situations calmly.

When should a person seek online counselling in India?

Most of us at some point or the other is troubled with various aspects of our lives. These stressful situations need urgent help as they may develop into major concerns such as anxiety disorders and major depressive disorders. Seeking help as soon as possible is beneficial. Regular mental health checkups should also be taken.

Where do I find the best online counsellors in India?

You can find some of the best online counsellors at OnlineCounselling4U where you can take talk therapy over phone, chat as well as video calling from your homes. Maintaining confidentiality is the topmost priority here at OnlineCounselling4U.

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