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Educational Counselling

A top education counsellor works with students regarding their social and career goals. In this competitive age, students face a lot of stress, anxiety and depression dealing with pressure in schools and colleges.

Often referred to as school counselling, education counselling plays an important role in resolving negative situations and behaviour and improving upon the positive.

What Is Educational Counseling?

Educational Counselling is a type of counselling where a highly certified counsellor looks after the students from schools and colleges to deal with their social and academic issues.

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Some of the common student issues are bullying, anger, adolescence, personal growth, parental issues, abuse, neglect, grief, conflicts with peers and teachers, advisory on career choices. Education counselling helps in dealing with the negative effects of certain uncontrollable situations in a student’s life and tries to provide help to overcome them effectively.


Best Anonymous Online Counselling in India by Rupashi

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New Delhi
529+ Cases Solved
Hindi, English
Anxiety, Stress, Tension, Motivation, Body image issues, Marital discord, Relationship issues, Family dynamics, Anger management, Aggression, Ruminating thoughts, Parenting Issues, Adolescent, Emotional issues, Behavioral issues, Adjustment, Grief, Sadness, Depression, Self-esteem, Self improvement, Work-life balance, Time management, Communication, Worthlessness, Irritability

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Best Anonymous Online Counselling in India by Suruchi

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New Delhi
798+ Cases Solved
English, Hindi
Abandonment, Anger management issues, Depression, Romantic Relationship, Family relationship, Self-esteem issues, Self-worth issues, Emotional counseling, Behavioral counseling, Anxiety, Stress management, Grief counseling, Phobia, Child counseling, Adolescent counseling, Childhood trauma, Loneliness, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Eating disorder, Adjustment issues

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Best Anonymous Online Counselling in India by Nikita

Nikita (View Profile)

4405+ Cases Solved
Hindi, English
Education counseling, Higher education, Student counseling, Career coaching, Career development

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Best Anonymous Online Counselling in India by Prachi

Prachi (View Profile)

5149+ Cases Solved
Hindi, English, Marathi
Family and relationship counselling, Emotional and behavioural counselling, Personality and self image guidance, Career guidance, Guidance for maintaining and enhancing happy and healthy lifestyle, Life skills training, Resilience and assertiveness strengthening, Stress management, Anxiety and phobia, Depression And maniac, Family and Relationship Issues, Couple/Marriage Counselling, Children and adolescent counselling, Cognitive skills development (Thinking, concentration, memory, perception), Self- esteem, self image and confidence building, Anger Management, Troubling Emotions, Guilt and frustration, ADHD, ADD, Dealing with temporary or permanent disability, Motivation and Goals, Personal Empowerment, Behavioural modification techniques (REBT and ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Therapy, Person-Centred Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Solution focused Therapy, Mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT), Art Therapy, Family Therapy

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Best Anonymous Online Counselling in India by Superna

Superna (View Profile)

2969+ Cases Solved
English, Hindi
Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Breakup, Relationship, Time Management, Mood Disorders, Psychosis, Family, Adjustment, Personality Disorders, Behavioral issues in children, Learning Disability, ADHD, Autism

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How does an Educational Counselor help?

A highly certified professional education counsellor works closely with students in a school and college environment and assists children with special needs in their studies, career and personal issues. The best education counsellor will help students to understand and evaluate closely their hopes, dreams, aspirations, interests and abilities.

Not only this, the education counsellor also interacts with parents, guardians and teachers to help them deal with the student’s behaviour and academic issues. Carefully monitoring the strengths and weaknesses of each student and the personal issues that they are dealing with like - behavioural, academic, abandonment, abuse, divorced parents or even learning disabilities - the education counsellor will help the child overcome such issues.


What is the role of an educational counsellor?

An educational counsellor assists students from elementary school to colleges and addresses concerns about academic, emotional or social problems.

Is online educational counselling effective?

Yes, online educational counselling is effective the same way a traditional counselling is. Rather studies have shown that online educational counselling helps students open up more about their problems more and this helps to find more effective solutions.

What are the qualities of an educational counsellor?

A good educational counsellor should have skills like listening, empathy, genuineness, unconditional positive regard, open questions, self disclosure and an ability to find solutions.

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