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Hello, I am Dr. Ritu, a seasoned Counsellor based in Bangalore, working with people having diverse psychological needs. My expertise includes but is n read more...


Relationship Counselling Trauma and grief Stress Anxiety Depression Career counselling Adolescent Counselling LGBTQIA issues Listening and non directive counselling Parent-child relationships Break up counselling


Hello, I am Dr. Ritu, a seasoned Counsellor based in Bangalore, working with people having diverse psychological needs. My expertise includes but is not limited to working on issues concerning Relationships, Trauma and grief, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Career change, Adolescence, LGBTQIA issues, Identity issues, Break-ups, Pre-marital counselling and Parent-child relationships.

My counselling sessions are person-centric and non-directive. As a counsellor, my aim is to identify and understand your challenges and empower you to make decisions on your own. I have a strong sense of integrity when dealing with clients and a commitment to keeping information confidential when necessary.

I have a track record of effective results and positive outcomes with clients. In addition, I have an outstanding knowledge of principles of psychology and mental health; and expertise in implementing many types of behavioural and counselling therapies. I also use Yoga and pranayama (meditation) as a tool for bringing body-mind balance.

I have Certification in Life Skills and a Diploma in Counselling Skills along with certification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I am also a certified Yoga instructor.

I am passionate towards counselling as it has provided me with a platform to be a part of someone else’s successful journey. I am here to facilitate your navigation through life’s complex, confusing and difficult matters. My contribution would be to provide emotional wellness and stability, be non-judgemental, respect your confidentiality and yours would be to identify your challenges, strengths and goals and together we carve the way forward. Let’s build a warm, genuine and trustworthy relationship and gain a new perspective together.


  • PhD Life sciences
  • Diploma in Counselling Skills
  • Certification in Life Skills


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