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Stress A feeling of tension that needs adjustment or reaction which comes from an event of personal or professional life. Our body can react to the tension in any way such as emotionally, mentally, or physically. Stress is not always bad; it is good too in times when it helps you to avoid danger or complete a task.

Counselling / Therapy – A therapy is a discussion of problems that happens between a psychologists and a person suffering from any life problem or to address clinical disorders. A counsellor is an experienced and qualified person who knows how to fix a disorder and helps the client to lead a normal life.

Best online stress management counselling in India

Now that we know the meaning of both stress and counselling it is easy to guess what stress counselling or stress management counselling is. Yes, it is counselling where a psychologist inspects the issues in a person’s life. Stress management counselling is the most popular method for most stress-related issues.

A therapist helps the person in knowing the root cause of the stress. As stress can be from work, family, relationship, past experience, or thoughts a counsellor provides various stress management techniques to manage the stress.

How Counselling Helps In Coping With The Three Stages Of Stress

There are three stages of stress from which a person goes through when stress occurs that also include mental and physical effects. The three stages are

  • Alarm Reaction stage – This is the first stage that occurs when a person feels stressed. Sweating, feeling scared, increased heart rate, anxiousness, or worried are a few starting symptoms of this stage. The alarm stage helps you to decide whether your body wants to avoid the situation or wants to protect yourself.

    In online counselling a therapist helps a person to understand what the stress signals for a person are. A lot of people go through the first stage of stress but don’t know it. A counsellor assesses a person’s physical health to understand the reason for stress.
  • Resistance Stage – After the alarm reaction stage, the body itself starts to repair itself. This is the stage when a person’s heartbeat, blood pressure, and hormone level becomes normal. In this stage a person is calmer than in the first stage.

    But many times stressful situations tend to continue for a longer period. When the stress stays for long the body continues to make stress hormones and the blood pressure stays high which is not at all good for anyone. A psychologist controls the effects of stress. A counsellor helps to adjust the thoughts to control the stress hormones.
  • Exhaustion Stage – It is the stage of chronic stress. When the body is no longer able to control the stress the body reaches the exhaustion stage. In this stage, a person goes through a lot of emotional, mental, and physical symptoms. Due to chronic stress, a person starts to feel anxious, or depressed.

Most people seek psychological help at this stage. A counsellor helps in balancing the mind of a person and through stress counselling he/she is given a lot of techniques which help him to lead a normal life.

Best Online Stress Counselling treatment in India

OnlineCounselling4U, known for its best online counselling services, has an expert team of therapists who work 24x7, 365 days a year to make your life peaceful. You can talk to a counsellor through call, chat, video call, or Email. The therapist at OnlineCounselling4U provides the best stress management counselling in your preferred language by keeping your identity confidential.


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Does Counselling Actually Help With Stress?

The most common recommendation by doctors to reduce stress is counselling. Talking to someone with your issues and feelings is the best way to reduce stress.

What Does A Stress Counsellor Do?

A stress counsellor finds the root cause of stress and works with you to give you the best solution. A therapist never judges you so you can be totally honest with him.

When Should I See A Counsellor?

When you feel that things are going out of your control and you are not able to find the solution on your own a counsellor comes to the rescue. A counsellor helps you to deal with all your disorders to help you live a healthy life.

How Many Counselling Sessions You Should Take?

The time of the therapy depends on the issue you are dealing with. Some focused counselling last for six to eight sessions. Whereas some issues need to run a little deeper and for that the sessions can go for months to years.

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