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In India, the number of people suffering from stress is increasing each day. Slowly and steadily due to not getting needed treatment stress gives invention to other disorders such as anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, etc.

People don't take stress as a serious illness and hence do not discuss it with family or friends. Many people don't choose stress management counselling due to financial issues or shyness to share their problems.

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So what to do when you do not want to opt for online counselling?

We are sharing today the 4 A's of stress management that you can use to get rid of stress on your own without any help.

Yes, when you are in the initial stage of stress it is easy to handle it on your own. Although when the problem increases and starts affecting your personal life one should seek professional help.


As simple as this word sounds it is even easier to apply it in your life. Yes, taking control of your life and avoiding the situations that give you stress is easy and important. Mostly it is seen that we take unnecessary stress.

Sometimes, the stress from work or personal life is something we can avoid. When you don't feel like doing extra work just avoid it. If you think that you need a break from work, take it.

If stress occurs due to a family member avoid spending time or limit your interaction with that person. Taking these small actions will give you more time to think positively and be more productive.


If there are situations that cannot be avoided you can simply alter them. If you are not able to avoid a person who's giving stress to you, sit and talk to share your feelings.

If you have to do the extra work in your office keep taking small breaks in between to relax your mind. Manage your time properly so that you can give time to your family without affecting your work life.


When avoiding and altering is not an option the only option left is acceptance. A lot of things are not in our control and we need to accept them as they are. If a person doesn't behave properly with you even after you have shared your feeling; forgive them.

It is important to motivate yourself and talk to yourself to be positive. Positiveness helps you to accept your surroundings. Lastly, accept if you make a mistake and learn from it.


Adapting is one last stress reliever action. Changing the way you see things or changing your expectations is one of the things you should do to avoid stress in your lives.

Looking at the bigger picture or adjusting the standards will help you to lead a positive life. Choose a positive lifestyle, chant your daily affirmations such as "I am happy" "Everything is under control" "I am grateful for so many things in my life".

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These are such small steps but are very powerful to turn your life in a positive direction. But when you feel that things are not under control you should always opt for online counselling where you are given the stress management counselling to deal with the disorders.

OnlineCounselling4U believes in making people stronger inside out so that people can handle their problems. The psychologist who holds years of experience listens and understands a person's problem to give the best possible solutions. Counsellors are happy to help 24x7, 7 days a week and 365 days a year on call, chat, video call, or Email. To make the session even more comfortable you have the choice to select a therapist who speaks your preferred language and gives you the freedom to be 100% anonymous.


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How Can I Overcome Daily Stress?

When you feel that stress is bothering you daily then you should start with exercising, meditation and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Still if the stress continues then online counselling is the best option to go for.

What Are Some Emotional Signs Of Stress?

Some of the common emotional signs of stress are racing thoughts, feeling unmotivated, anger or restlessness.

Why Is Stress Management Counselling Important?

Stress management counselling helps you to maintain a stable mind. During stress the most difficult thing is to control the thoughts, counsellors' use a lot of techniques to provide relaxation and peace of mind.

What Are 4 Types Of Stress?

The 4 types of stress are: time stress, anticipatory stress, situational stress, and encounter stress. Not all the types of stress are bad; each one has its own benefits and drawbacks.

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