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Children in their teenage years, and also during adolescence get a surge of hormones. These hormones create frequent mood swings in them.

Though most of those mood swings are caused due to the naturally occurring hormones in their body, many are still caused because of teen depression.

Surveys have shown that one out of every eight adolescents has teen depression.

But the thing is, depression in teenagers can be cured by providing the appropriate treatment.

Online depression counseling helps greatly in managing the symptoms of teen depression and helping the person get better.

Sometimes it may be tough to differentiate between regular teenage mood swings and the mood swings caused by teen depression.

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It is also not easy to figure out if the sadness your teenager or adolescent child is going through is because of depression or some other reason.

One way to detect teen depression is by observing the child.

If the sadness (or other depression symptoms) experienced by the teenager lasts for more than two weeks, then chances are that that child is suffering from teen depression.

If you are not sure if the teenager in your home is depressed or not, then you can check out the following symptoms of depression in teenagers.

Symptoms of Teen Depression

  1. A decline in focus. A decrease in a teenager’s focus level is a major sign of teen depression.

    Teenagers with depression find it hard to focus on anything that they are doing. Be it school/college work or other activities, including hobbies.

  2. Apathy. When a teenager is indifferent towards the pain and misery of others around them, it is a telltale sign of teen depression.

  3. Difficulty in taking decisions. Teenagers who have depression often find it hard to make a choice. Taking decisions is hard for them even in regular mundane things.

    Cope with Untreated Teenagers Depression

  4. Excessive feelings of guilt. Feeling guilty even if the teenager is not at fault is a classic sign of teen depression.

    These excessive feelings of guilt may arise even for events that are not relevant to them.

  5. Changes in food habits. A drastic change in the food habits of a teenager is a huge sign that the teenager is suffering from teen depression.

    When a teenager who is a foodie stops eating their favourite food, then that person might have teen depression.

    If someone who watches the portions they eat suddenly starts eating too much or eating too many unhealthy foods, that may be a sign of teen depression as well.

  6. Changes in weight. A person who’s facing teen depression might either gain or lose a lot of weight quickly.

    And this weight loss or gain may occur without any obvious explanation. It might also be caused due to a change in their food habits.

  7. Obsession with death. Many children with teen depression are obsessed with death and suicide.

    This might be seen in the form of excessive research done by the teenager, on the topic 'ways of committing suicide'.

    It might be seen in the form of extreme interest in murder cases or causes of death when someone they know dies.

    They might even be extremely interested in knowing about the death of a stranger that they see on the news or the internet.

  8. Anxiety. Being anxious even when there’s nothing to worry about is one of the symptoms of teem depression.

    Being overly anxious about menial things is also a sign of teen depression.

  9. Excessive feelings of hopelessness. A child with teen depression would feel hopeless about different areas of his or her life.

  10. Sudden drop in exam/test results. If a child usually gets good marks and suddenly starts getting marks that are below average, then that child might have teen depression.

  11. Crying without any reason. This one is a bit difficult to detect as sometimes, a teenager’s hormones wreak havoc with their emotions.

    But if you see a teenager crying frequently without any reason, then that teenager might be suffering from teen depression.

  12. Avoiding friends. When a teenager is suffering from teen depression, then he or she would start avoiding their friends. Even if they are usually very social.

    They would start withdrawing from friends and social events & activities.

  13. Getting rebellious. If a teenager starts being rebellious without having any reason to, then it might be a symptom of teen depression. Especially if the child was obedient till that point of time.

  14. Excessive sensitivity to rejection. Another sign of teen depression is high sensitivity to rejection. Rejection is a part of life and children should learn how to deal with it.

When a teenager finds it hard to face rejection from anyone, that teenager might be having teen depression.

Teen Depression Counselling at OnlineCounselling4U

When a person is suffering from teen depression, that person might feel a little hopeless.

However, through online counselling, it is possible to get better. A person with teen depression does not have to keep suffering endlessly.

Teen Depression Counselling with certified Counsellor or psychologist in India

They can get online therapy at OnlineCounselling4U. We work with trained online counsellors who can help relieve teen depression.

Our online counselling services can be accessed from any part of the world, in any language you prefer.


Where does depression come from?

Depression is usually caused by a multitude of reasons, not just by one reason. Teen depression can be triggered by numerous factors.

Those factors can include stressful life events, school/college pressures, divorce of parents, and physical and mental health issues.

What happens in the brain during depression?

Depression might cause the hippocampus to raise the cortisol levels. This leads to delays in the development of neurons in the brain.

This shrinkage of the brain circuits often leads to a reduction in the affected brain part's functioning.

This could further create complications in the life of the person suffering from depression.

What age group does depression affect the most?

Adults between the ages of 18-29 are usually the most affected by depression.

Surveys have shown that the percentage of adults who displayed any symptoms of depression was highest in the above mentioned age group.

However, depression in teenagers younger than 18 years of age is also quite prevalent in current times.

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