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Effects of Depression in Different Stages of Life

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Though it may not seem like it to some people, the truth is that depression has become a very common mental health issue.

Various psychological, biological and socio-environmental elements are behind this increase in the number of people who suffer from depression.

And it is not just the adults who get depression. People of all ages and genders suffer from depression these days.

Let us have a look at this in detail.

Childhood Depression

It may seem like depression is a mental health issue that only affects adults. That is not true.

Sadly, there are numerous children around the world who suffer from depression. Childhood Depression can last for a long time if treatment is not provided early on.

Click here for detailed information on Childhood Depression.

Childhood depression counselling in India

Teen Depression

The number of teenagers who suffer from depression has been increasing significantly over the last few decades.

And a change in hormones is not the only reason why teen depression is so prevalent in current times.

Click here for detailed information on Teen Depression.

Depression in Women

There are many different factors that can cause depression in women. Some of those factors are physiological while others are situational.

Whatever the reason may be, depression in women should never be ignored. If ignored, it can lead to dire consequences.

Click here for detailed information on Depression in Women.

Depression in Senior Citizens

Did you know that depression in senior citizens is often left undetected? It happens because symptoms of depression in the elderly are different from depression in other age groups.

However, it is very important for senior citizens with depression to receive treatment.

Click here for detailed information on Depression in Senior Citizens.

Depression in Senior Citizens

Complications from Depression

Other than the symptoms of depression that can in itself make life quite complicated, there are other complications that may arise as a side effect of depression. Those complications are -

  1. Sleep issues. Sleep issues and depression are closely connected. The inability to sleep (known as insomnia) is one of the most basic symptoms of depression.

    Another major sign of depression is oversleeping. This is when a person sleeps way more than required.

  2. Sexual issues. People don't exactly consider a person's brain as a sex organ. But the truth is that sexual desire begins in the brain.

    Then this desire is communicated to the other parts of the body through neurotransmitters.

    When a person is suffering from depression or some other mood disorder, the chemicals in the brain don't function properly.

    As a result, the communication of sexual desires get misinterpreted. Which ultimately leads to less or more than usual sexual activity.

    Sexual issues due to Depression

  3. Suicide. This is an obvious connection between depression and suicide. Many people who don't get help in time for their depression end up committing suicide.

    So, it is important for you to know the signs of depression and that a person might be contemplating suicide.

    If a person becomes withdrawn, gets mood swings frequently, seems to be in despair, drinks excessively, develops sleep issues, starts doing drugs, or starts acting recklessly; then that person might be thinking about committing suicide.

    Please note that OnlineCounselling4U is not a suicide helpline. We do not offer counselling to someone who is already feeling suicidal.

    If you are feeling suicidal, we suggest that you contact a suicide helpline immediately.

  4. Serotonin syndrome. When there's an excess of serotonin in the human body, then it is known as Serotonin Syndrome. It can lead to a number of other health issues.

    Those health issues include headache, vomiting, nausea, restlessness, confusion, tremors, rapid heart rate, involuntary muscle movement, diarrhoea, excessive sweating and shivering.

    If a person with depression is taking antidepressants, then that person might get Serotonin Syndrome as a side effect of that medication.

  5. Untreated depression. Untreated depression is a huge problem that is faced by countless people around the world.

    When depression is left untreated, it leads to numerous other conditions and mental health issues that can be quite hard to handle.

    Untreated depression can cause problems at home, work, school or college. It can even destroy relationships.

    Without proper treatment, depression can last for weeks, months or even years.

    When a person doesn't receive treatment for depression, that person might end up committing suicide.

    Cope with Untreated Depression

  6. Antidepressant withdrawal. In some cases, antidepressants may be required to treat depression.

    Antidepressants may be suggested by an online psychiatrist based on the symptoms of depression in an individual.

    For some people, antidepressants are prescribed to be taken all their lives. For others, it may be discontinued after completing a specific time period.

    When antidepressants are discontinued, it is important for the person to follow the instructions of the psychiatrist.

    If they suddenly stop taking antidepressants without consulting their doctor first, then they might have to face antidepressant withdrawal.

    So, it is important that antidepressants are discontinued only under the expert guidance of a psychiatrist.

    Antidepressant withdrawal usually occurs within a time frame of three days of discontinuation of antidepressants.

    The symptoms of antidepressant withdrawal are fatigue, headache, nausea, tremors, vomiting, nightmares, trouble sleeping, muscle spasms, mood swings, anxiety, dizziness, loss of coordination, flu-like symptoms and depression.

The Link Between Depression and Other Mental Illnesses

Depression has been linked to other mental health issues and illnesses such as social phobia, anxiety disorders, panic disorder, etc.

If a person is suffering from depression, then there is a great chance that she or he may end up having one or all of the mental health conditions mentioned above.

However, there is still hope. All these mental health problems can be treated with online counselling.

Link Between Depression and Other Mental Illnesses

So, if you or someone you know is suffering from depression or any of the above mentioned mental health problems, you can contact an online counsellor.

Types of Depression

There are many different types of depression that affect people around the world. Those types of depression are -

  1. Bipolar Disorder - Bipolar Disorder is a major affective disorder. It can be caused by a combination of genetic and non-genetic factors.

    Bipolar Disorder is marked by severe mood swings wherein a person's mood fluctuates between a regular normal mood and a manic state of mood.

    When a person with Bipolar Disorder is going through a manic state, then that person might feel extreme & unusual happiness or positivity.

    While in a manic state, they might also go through days of sleeplessness, psychosis, paranoid rage and hallucinations.

    Bipolar disorder is a serious condition that needs a lot of counselling and therapy.

    Find Types of Depression

  2. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder - Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) can be described as a more severe form of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).

    The symptoms of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder include mood swings, anxiety, rage, feeling hopeless, lack of interest in activities, headaches, muscle or joint pains, breast tenderness, sleep issues, fatigue, hot flashes and changes in appetite.

    A person with PMDD can start experiencing its symptoms from about a week before their period starts and keep experiencing them till a few days after the period begins.

    The symptoms of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder can get quite severe and leave the person suffering from PMDD exhausted. It can also become a hindrance to daily activities.

  3. Substance-induced Mood Disorder - Substance-induced Mood Disorder is the type of depression wherein depression is caused due to the excessive use or abuse of alcohol, drugs and certain medications.

    Substance-induced Mood Disorder can be brought on by the consumption or withdrawal of one or all the above-mentioned substances.

    A person is diagnosed with Substance-induced Mood Disorder only when he or she exhibits severe symptoms of Substance-induced Mood Disorder.

    Signs of Substance-induced Mood Disorder include lack of focus, suicidal thoughts, body pains, headache, lack of energy, loss of interest in favourite activities, and feelings of hopelessness, guilt and worthlessness.

  4. Atypical Depression - Atypical Depression is a type of Major Depressive Disorder. In most cases, Atypical Depression shows its presence at an early stage of life.

    More often than not, people with Atypical Depression start displaying its symptoms in their teenage years.

    Fatigue, excessive sleep, weight gain, increased appetite, weakness, being extremely sensitive to rejection and strong reactivity to various environmental circumstances are the symptoms of Atypical Depression.

    Online counsellors are well- equipped to help people with Atypical Depression.

  5. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) - Seasonal Affective Disorder is the type of depression that occurs every year at the same time.

    In most cases, SAD starts in the winter or the fall season and keeps affecting the sufferer till the spring season or early summer.

    In some rare cases, Seasonal Affective Disorder starts happening in late spring or early summer and ends in the fall season.

    SAD is something that can be treated through online counselling.

  6. Treatment-Resistant Depression - No matter how hard a person with depression tries to get it treated, there are cases where the depression simply does not go away.

    It is not always because the person is not getting the appropriate amount of treatment. It is because there is a depression where no type of depression treatment works.

    Months and years can go by without the person feeling any relief from depression. It might end up leaving a person with depression feeling hopeless.

    It would also make them feel mentally and physically exhausted.

    Mental health experts have said that a person suffering from depression needs to try at least four different depression treatments before their depression is considered to be treatment-resistant depression.

  7. Psychotic Depression - Psychotic Depression is the kind of depression that is often accompanied by some type of psychosis.

    Hallucinations and delusions are the kind of psychosis experienced by someone with psychotic depression.

    The symptoms may include hearing voices, feeling worthless, anxiety, constipation, physical immobility, sleeping during the day, staying awake at night and neglecting one's appearance (not bathing or changing clothes).

  8. Chronic Depression - Chronic Depression is also known as Dysthymia. Chronic Depression is considered to be less severe than Major Depression.

    In addition to that, Chronic Depression has lesser symptoms than the major types of depression.

    Symptoms of Chronic Depression include insomnia, drastic changes in weight (loss or gain), fatigue, feelings of hopelessness, difficulty in making decisions, feeling restless and getting thoughts of suicide.

    Chatting with an online counsellor can help treat the symptoms of Chronic Depression.

  9. Postpartum Depression - Postpartum Depression is the type of depression that affects a woman after she has given birth.

    It is a complicated combination of emotional, physical and behavioural changes that occurs due to the quick drop in hormones after the delivery of a baby.

    The lack of knowledge amongst people about Postpartum Depression is one of the reasons why it often goes undiagnosed.

    The symptoms of Postpartum Depression are excessive crying, changes in food habits, insomnia, decrease in libido, severe fatigue, not bonding with the newborn baby, lack of focus and rage.

    A more severe symptom of Postpartum Depression includes thoughts of hurting the newborn baby or someone else in the family.

    Trained therapists are well-equipped to treat this mental health condition successfully.

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Which form of therapy is most effective for major depression?

Researchers have found that a therapy called cognitive therapy is quite effective as a treatment for depression. Cognitive therapy focuses more on the present, communication and behaviour of a person rather than exploring their past.

Does online counselling really help with depression?

Time and again, it has been seen that people with depression have been able to find relief through online counselling and therapy.

How long does it take for online counselling to work?

Depending on the severity and type of depression faced by a person, online depression counselling can start showing positive effects in just a few days or weeks.

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