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Whether an arranged marriage or a love marriage the thought of marriage itself brings butterflies in the stomach of the Bride and Groom to be. We all have gone through this phase of PRE MARITAL ANXIETY. This STRESS AND ANXIETY stops the person from enjoying the nectar of the WEDDING RITUALS AND HAVE FUN. Here comes PRE MARITAL COUNSELLING for help!!

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The mind of any BRIDE OR GROOM TO BE is boggled with many “WH” questions like:

  • How will be my terms with my husband/wife?
  • How will I deal with my in-laws?
  • Will I be a good husband/ wife?
  • Will I be a good daughter in law/ son in law?
  • Will we get along well?
  • How will I deal with the disputes with my spouse?
  • When should we plan for a child?
  • How will I strike a balance between work and personal life?
  • And the biggest question…. “NUPTIALS”!!
  • How is it going to be for the first time?
  • Will it hurt?
  • Will I be able to perform?

And many more questions which are common for all the BRIDES AND GROOMS. There is constant pressure building up in the mind and they find it hard to deal with it. In such circumstances, PREMARITAL COUNSELING comes for the rescue.


PREMARITAL COUNSELLING is a therapy that is opted by / given to the “to be brides and grooms.” This includes a set of sessions where these people are prepared mentally for the upcoming new journey with responsibilities. The exercises and therapies help the “couple” to understand each other better. They are also taught effective communication, empathy, dispute solving, financial planning, child planning, and many other aspects of married life.

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Knowing and understanding each other better and growing together is the key to a successful married life. Whether an arranged marriage or a love marriage, generally disputes arise due to lack of understanding between the couple. So PRE MARITAL COUNSELING helps the couple to get know each other very well.


Many marriages collapse just because of a lack of effective communication. One may be an introvert and the other one may be an extrovert and bossy. This leads to the bottling up of negative emotions. Since there is hardly any room for effective communication, the couple experiences a total marital discord. PRE MARRIAGE COUNSELING helps the couple to speak about their needs, wants, feelings, effectively, and positively.


This is one of the major requisites for a happy and successful marriage. Lack of empathy is the root cause for unfulfilled over expectations in marriage thus leading to a bitter end in relationships. Out of the two, the job of one person may be demanding. If the other person is not supporting the person and being understanding, the there will be hot spurts in the relationship. PREMARITAL COUNSELING trains the couple how to be empathetic towards the other person.


Trust is the base of MARRIED LIFE. Once the Trust is broken then it is almost impossible to rebuild the trust. Hence PRE MARITAL COUNSELING helps the couple to build Trust, Belief, and Confidence in one another. In the absence of which, no relationship can survive.

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This is an integral and most important part of a happy and successful married life. SEX not only strengthens the bond but also builds rapport. Many feel-good hormones are released during sex. A healthy SEXUAL LIFE makes one feel good about oneself, about one another, and also helps in relieving STRESS. One should not use SEX as a weapon to fight with the spouse or to get irrelevant demands fulfilled. COUNSELING about SEX, and intimate relationship also makes a part of PREMARITAL COUNSELING.

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As most of the partners are working nowadays, women are more focused on their careers. But there is a right time for everything. Having a child in the initial days deprives a couple of the quality time they wish to spend together. Hence, PRE MARRIAGE COUNSELORS helps the couple with planning their first child.


The BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING is a gala event in everyone’s life. A major share of one’s savings is spent on the WEDDING. Newlywed couples tend to spend a lot in the initial days. But at the same time, one has to prepare oneself for the future too. There are big events in life like childbirth, education of the child, buying a house/ property, etc. One has to do effective financial planning for all this. PRE MARRIAGE COUNSELORS counsel the couple on how they can manage their finances.


Solving disputes is a trick that one has to learn. Because most of the marriages end on a bitter note/ divorce as the couple doesn’t know how to solve their disputes. Disputes with in-laws, disputes with spouse’s siblings, or with each other are common in any married life. But dealing with them effectively is the key. PRE WEDDING COUNSELING helps the couple to deal with the disputes.


Until a few years ago, PRE MARRIAGE COUNSELLING was not being taken seriously. But owing to the rising number of breakups, and divorces, now PRE MARITAL COUNSELING is looked upon as an important therapy. It is like a preventive measure for the couples. There are many noticeable positive effects of PRE MARRIAGE COUNSELING.

  • There has been a steep decrease in the number of divorces.
  • Most of the couples who took PRE MARRIAGE COUNSELLING were happier as per the statistics, as it enhaced better understanding between them.
  • The couple leads a more satisfying and fulfilling married life.
  • The couple who took PRE MARRIAGE COUNSELING had a happy family life.
  • The couple who enrolled for PRE MARITAL COUNSELING experienced more empathy, understanding, and love in their married life.
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There are hundreds of positive effects of taking PRE WEDDING COUNSELING SESSIONS. It makes the journey from COURTSHIP DAYS TO A COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP easier. The transformation from an individual to a PART OF SOME ONE’S LIFE is a beautiful journey. PRE MARRIAGE COUNSELLING helps the couple to deal with the STRESS ANXIETY of the upcoming new changes in the life and PRE WEDDING JITTERS.

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We all dream about the FAIRY TALE like happy ending of the story – AND THEY LIVED HAPPY EVER AFTER!! But this dream can come true when the COUPLE TO BE take PREMARITAL COUNSELING THERAPY.

Marriage is not just a relationship between a Man and a Woman. It’s a whole new set of relationship between two different families and cultures, hailing from different backgrounds. Hence, the couple are skeptical about the future. Hence, they face the STRESS of the PRE WEDDING JITTERS. Talking to someone like trained PRE MARITAL COUNSELORS takes the load off the minds, and one can indulge in the bliss of the marriage ceremonies smilingly!!

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