The Healing Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

The Healing Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

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You must have heard or read about three levels of awareness or the consciousness. This term describes about a person that how well he understands what is going on in his surroundings. Perhaps this depth of understanding depends upon his conscious mind being active or subconscious mind being active.

Let me explain it in simple words, like for example – Why do some feel pain after break ups? Why do some fall in bad company? Why some get addicted? Etc. I know you all want to know the answer and if you are into one of such situation, you want to come out of it.

The answer to this is our Subconscious mind. Which is fortunately 24/7 active but it’s so unfortunate that majority people have lost the power to access it. As where you focus energy flows. Nobody cares to be focused there, it’s just conscious mind coming into play. If you have a physical injury everybody will see and provide you medical aid and care. But if you are not able to take proper decisions and repeatedly you get into troubles as mentioned above, you might end up getting scolding and even physical hit by elders.

Strengthen your subconscious mind

Human brain made computers and not computer made human brain; so why is that all computers function perfectly and all brains do not? It is because there is difference in awareness level. Awareness is not you are born with but it’s a skill which has to be developed.  Parents teach us how to walk, how to eat, how to use our hands…..but no one teaches us how to use our mind perfectly. WHY????

Simple way to understand the functioning and power of three levels of mind.

1. The Conscious Mind

The first level is conscious mind which is hardly 10% the rest is subconscious mind and unconscious mind. I will try to explain if you want to use your mind perfectly how important is the subconscious mind. When your conscious mind is active, you react. It means whatever you wish for you immediately want that to be fulfilled. For example, you want to drink water you will immediately go and have water, you wish to talk to a friend you will immediately call up and talk, you cannot control craving for smoking or drinking also comes under this,  you are in habit of constantly browsing social media and messages  you won’t stop yourself.

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“You cannot think in the same pattern to improve your habits as you did while creating them”

The conscious mind

2. The Subconscious Mind

But when subconscious mind is active you respond and not react. Responding means you think and analyze before saying anything or taking required action. Subconscious mind is 30,000 more powerful than conscious mind. You have that consciousness, the self control to suppress the desire for time being. You will have the patience to wait for the right time. For example, you are studying and in between notification of messages are disturbing you.

Subconscious mind help

You will put it on silence, you are aware of how to reply back to elders, the tone and gesture are in your control. You accept things and situations which are not in your control. So everything is stored here, the events and happenings till date, the memories, the experiences. This all makes a person’s habit, belief and personality. One has to take care of this most important part of mind by regular cleaning of what is being stored here.

“Whatever you plant and nourish in your subconscious mind, will become your reality one day”

3. The Unconscious Mind

What is the unconscious mind? It is the darkest of all. Here the desires and wishes which couldn’t be fulfilled, the wishes which a person cannot share or does not want to share are stored unresolved. An unresolved issue will disturb your mental peace. Either accept or try to share so that the blockage gets cleared. Anxiety, depression and other psychological issues starts from here.  Psychology is all about cognition and once you understand your problem you need to work on the solutions. Blockages start clearing up and your peace of mind is back.

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The only answer to this is; the stronger the subconscious mind, the stronger your mental strength is. Let us focus on how we can strengthen this part of mind.

Heal unconscious mind

4. Strengthen your subconscious mind.

Breathing deep with awareness.

How many of you are aware of your breathing? All are breathing yet no one is aware of this divine energy flow in and out of our body. Is this not strange?  As I mentioned, where you focus energy flows so focus on your breath and see the energy flow. Miracles happen when you will focus on your breath. 

Deep breathing with inhaling through nose and exhaling through mouth, in a very controlled manner. At least five to ten cycles at a time. When breathing is under your control and with full consciousness, you will notice that your will power and patience increases.

Pushing in of oxygen increases the oxygen level and flow of oxygenated blood in the body will increase the efficiency of functioning of each and every body organ. Mind will have proper fuel. This repeated practice will strengthen the subconscious mind. Deep breathing relaxes the body and activates the parasympathetic nervous system resulting in decrease in stress. It stimulates the vagus nerve running from brain to gut. Deep breathing and that to in a disciplined manner controls the thoughts. Thoughts become channelized and hence cure over thinking and stress. Mental health improves.

Breathing deep with awareness

Feed your mind with positive chants and affirmations.

Chanting mantras also help strengthen the subconscious mind.  Similarly positive affirmations when read out loud or written and read out loud produces stimulus which creates positive thoughts and then body responds accordingly.  Affirmations have the power to open the door to change.

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I say put your mental health first. It is not a destination; rather it is a continuous process.  When your conscious mind and subconscious mind are properly aligned, nobody can stop you. You will be the most balanced person.

“You can remake yourself by giving a new blue print to your subconscious mind”

Feed mind with positive chants

Almighty has given us full power to heal ourselves but we prefer depending on drugs.

Don’t let the inner you get weaken, simply be with you, start focusing on your breath for a while and see your physical and mental health improving.  Nothing can harm you as much as your unguarded thoughts. So be aware of what is being fed in by you.  Read good content, watch good content and surround yourself with good people and see it will become much easier to reach your final goals. As in this way you are strengthening your subconscious mind. Keep reminding yourself of the healing power of your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

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