7 Benefits of Meditation for our mind

7 Benefits of Meditation for our mind

Have you ever heard of the term called Meditation? You must have heard it, right? It’s a very commonly used and popular term in today’s time when there is so much stress in everybody’s life. Everyone is doing meditation hoping that it will help in improving their mental health. But through this blog let me clarify how exactly meditation plays a role in improving the functioning of our mind. But firstly, let’s start with a little introduction of the Meditation.

Meditation is the practice of focusing one’s mind on something for a period of time. It is a type of self-management exercise for mind and body. There are increasing researches on meditation-mental health connection. Meditation has positive and calming effects on our mind which makes mind to be able to function efficiently. The main part of meditation is paying attention to the current moment and achieving a state of consciousness in an accepting way.

Meditation Tips

Meditation can be a little difficult during beginning as regulating and controlling our mind requires a lot of efforts. But few of the meditation tips to make meditation an easy and smooth process are:

  • Meditating in silence is very effective
  • One can try to meditate in the morning for a refreshing experience
  • Counting breathes while meditating helps to enhance concentration
  • Chant some mantras or positive affirmations like “I am calm”
  • Meditating with an empty stomach is good for the body
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Meditation tips

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation doesn’t only help in gaining calmness and enhancing concentration but it has many other benefits also. Some of the benefits are explained below.

1. Regulates Negative Emotions and thoughts

“When there is peace and meditation, there is neither anxiety nor doubt.”

Meditation on regular basis helps in effective emotional management that means handling negative emotions like anger, sadness, jealousy and fear in a better way. Just focusing on one calm thing for some time in between our hassle full life gives us the ability to control ourselves and gain mental peace.

Meditation doesn’t change our emotions, but it trains an individual to observe both repressed and current emotions as they are and accept them. Every emotion is important even the negative emotion like anger and meditation helps the individual to understand the trigger of that emotion and express it in a socially acceptable manner. Meditation also helps in letting go of every negative emotion that can hamper our mental peace.

Regulates negative emotions thoughts

2. Handling Stress better

When one is not able to solve a problem, it leads to overthinking which overtime, if not controlled can cause stress. We know that we are stressed, when because of a problem we become so tensed that our daily routine functioning gets affected.

But Meditation is to the rescue again!! As it provides a calm, positive and soothing experience, one can finally organize all the thoughts in mind and solve the problem effectively. Mediation improves cognitive functioning and executive functions of the mind like paying attention, problem solving, decision making and judge things quickly and efficiently.

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Handling stress better with meditation

3. Enhances Self-esteem

“Everything you need, your courage, strength, compassion and love; everything you need is already within you.”

Sometimes, we are not able to take full benefit of the important opportunities because of staying engaged in hassles in our life. But during meditation, when we sit down calmly and observe ourselves in a non-judgmental way, we can discover who we actually are. We can notice our strengths and weaknesses and then try to turn weaknesses into our strengths and enhance self esteem.

Enhances self esteem with meditation

4. Improved Quality of Sleep

Meditation as a relaxation technique helps to gain inner mental peace. If one is suffering from insomnia or any sleep disorders, meditation can be helpful. It has many good effects on the functioning of the body and mind which leads to a good quality of sleep.

5. Lesser chance of getting sick

Meditation is related to Mind-body connection. Meditation helps in improving physical health so that we stay healthy all the time. If our body is healthy, then our mind also would be healthy because of less stress and tension.

6. Improve Focus and Concentration

“Live the actual moment. Only this actual moment is life.”

Meditation demands an individual to focus all the attention on one calming thing that helps to achieve peace, relaxation and positivity. It makes an individual mindful of the surroundings and whatever he/she is feeling by paying full attention to it and sitting for long durations. Overtime, one becomes an expert at controlling the mind from wandering around at unimportant things.

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Improve Focus with Meditation

7. Prevent Psychological disorders like depression and anxiety

Meditation is an effective and popular technique used by mental health professionals all over the world for the treatment of mental health issues. As meditation helps people to cope with symptoms linked to mental health disorders like depression and anxiety, react positively to anxiety provoking situations and even improve cognitive functioning. It helps to focus on the present and not worry about either past or future so to avoid anxiety provoking thoughts and feelings.

Professionals like Counsellors can guide their clients in how to do meditation according to the level and kind of their problem and support them throughout the session. For example, a client with anxiety can practice meditation in the session only under the guidance from the counselor and give him/herself positive affirmations to eliminate anxiety provoking thoughts.

Prevent psychological disorders with Meditation

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