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Steps to Overcome Addiction

In today’s world of cutthroat competition and overwhelming stress, the use of intoxicants and illegal drug substances are more common than expected. It may begin as a simple getaway, but soon enough, you may find yourself unexpectedly spiralling into addiction.

Drug abuse is neither a character flaw nor a sign of weakness. These substances create a chemical imbalance in the brain that makes you crave more and more. Even the strongest of all would not be able to climb out of the addiction. While it may seem impossible, it isn’t wholly undoable. Sure, there isn’t any magic potion to stop the habit, but with time and patience, anything is possible.

Before we dive into different steps involved in overcoming drug abuse, let us see why people fall prey to illegal intoxicants or drugs?

Misconception about drug abuse is widespread in society. They believe that addiction is a choice or a result of bad upbringing and criminal behaviour. Addiction is a condition affected by biological and environmental factors such as:

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Drug abuse and society


Research shows that if addiction runs in the family, it is most likely to get passed down to the next generation. About 40-60% chances of developing a habit lie in genetics.

Peer Pressure:

Drug abuse in adolescents and youth are mainly a result of the friend or social circle that they are engaged with. Research shows that teens have a strong influence on one another’s actions, and they feel the pressure to fit in.

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Mental Health:

Most of the addiction begins while coping with grief or other extreme emotions. People who are struggling with depression or anxiety are more likely to dive into the habit.

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Other reasons may include experiments among young teens and medical drugs that result in addiction.

What Are The Different Treatments for Overcoming Addiction?

There is no particular way of addressing the addiction problem. Each response to the process in his/her unique way. Every program has four stages of overcoming approach:

Detoxify the system:

Usually, sudden withdrawal can drastically affect the body, and they can easily relapse, thus intensifying the issue. It is essential to analyze the symptoms of restraining the body from drug abuse.

Counselling process:

Communication is the key when it comes to a cure for addiction. Listening to their issues and helping them cope in a much healthier way. It can be individuals, friends, or closed ones. Addiction counselling has proven very supportive and effective in these cases.

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Particular medicine can be administered to manage the addiction, prevent relapse, or cure mental conditions such as depression anxiety.


It is neither easy nor fast when it comes to dealing with addiction. One has to be patient and consistent with long-term follow-ups such as online or offline support group meetings.

Drug Addiction Counseling

The first step towards recovery is to accept that he/she has an addiction problem. Drug or Addiction counsellors help these people understand their addiction and guide them through the journey of sobriety. They collect information about the past and the current situation of the addict to get a better understanding of the factor that led to the addiction. They use those data to help their patients to develop healthier coping skills.

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According to the NIDA, “Behavioral therapies––including individual, family, or group counselling––are the most commonly used forms of drug abuse treatment.” It is one of the effective methods that is easy and doesn’t involve using any form of medical substances. It can also be accessed within the comfort of their room through online counselling.

Listed below are a few reasons why Addiction counselling is a popular choice:

  • Addiction counselling teaches the drug addicts to view their problems healthily, understand the causes, and learn to cope with it.
  • It makes the patient healthy enough to resist triggers and cravings.
  • The addicts can get someone they can confide their feelings without being judged.
  • Addiction counselling also has group support where an addict can share his view with a fellow addict. This helps them deal in a much better and positive way.
  • The treatment process can be altered as per the wishes of the person. He/she can have one-on-one counselling, join the meeting, meet at home, or even opt for online counselling.
  • It is a long-term healing process. It can move forward at a comfortable pace and provide support as long he/she requires it and even further.

Online Counseling

With the onset of Covid, most of the processes are going digital. Consequently, Online counselling for overcoming drug addiction is also gaining popularity and approval. Addiction counselling is now available online where people can seek help whenever they want.

Drug abuse recovery is a long process, and going to places might be challenging for those who seek help.
OnlineCounselling4U brings you a virtual platform to get help from counselors in your preferred language in your preferred city online. You can get easy access to a certified friendly professionals PAN India or from outside India. Join the community of people where you are not judged by your problem but rather helps you to overcome your problems. If privacy is your matter of concern then don’t worry you can talk anonymously.

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Here individuals receive treatment from a virtual platform, where drug counsellors use the same methods as traditional addiction counselling expect it will be through a digital screen. They use techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, and group processing. Contact today to get the best counselling services on the official website of OnlineCounselling4U.

Best Online Addiction Counselling Site in India

Few Benefits of Online Counseling Are Listed Below:

The flexibility of receiving help is the key feature of online addiction counselling. All it needs is a good internet connection.

This greatly benefits those who require more privacy away from family or closed ones. They can do so from their home itself.

Since it is more focused on an individual, it is a more intense form of the recovery process for those who seek help.

Help Is For Those Who Seek

Accepting the problem and being true to themselves is the stepping stone to recovery. They should be handled with patience and let them know that they are not alone. The battle against addiction is best fought one day at a time.

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