Steps to deal with bipolar disorder people

Steps To Deal With Bipolar Disorder People

Ruchi was married to Manish past 5 years ago. Things seemed to be good in the beginning. But later slowly Manish’ behavior started to change. He looked irritable, stressed and very angry at one time, and looked very happy, smiling, and jovial at the other moment. While going to office, someday, he looked very happy and confident. But when he was back he was a totally different person. Anger level used to be very high. He used to throw unnecessary tantrums and started to throw things while at home. His MOOD changed very SWIFTLY. Sometimes he behaved too depressed and guilty for no reason. And would think of COMMITTING SUICIDE or commit SELF HARM.  He had terrible MOOD SWINGS. After sometime, he became abusive towards Ruchi too. He started using abusive language, trying to hit her, harm her, force her for unnatural sex and did other things that did not seem to be normal in his personality. The most confusing part was that, he showed a pattern of unpredictable behavior. This unpredictable behavior associated with MOOD SWINGS and MOOD DISORDERS is BIPOLAR DISORDER. This terrible MOOD DISORDER affected his RELATIONSHIP with his wife and other family members adversely. He acted as if POSSESSED sometimes. He was suffering BIPOLAR DISORDER, which is also called MANIAC DEPRESSION.

Steps to deal with bipolar disorder people

Today let’s know more about BIPOLAR DISORDER. BIPOLAR DISORDER IS A MENTAL HEALTH DISORDER, where in a patient feels frequent bouts of MOOD SWINGS.  The patient feels excessively EUPHORIC and extremely IRRITABLE sometimes (HYPOMANIA) and extra lows or DEPRESSION (feelings of depression and low self-worth etc.,) ITS MORE OR LESS LIKE A CYCLE WHICH OCCURS REGULARLY OR WHEN ENCOUNTERED BY THE TRIGGERING FACTORS and it can last for few hours to weeks.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder

symptoms of bipolar disorder

BIPOLAR DISORDER, exhibits certain symptoms out of which the major one is UNPREDICTABLE MOOD SWINGS. BIPOLAR DISORDER is generally confused with DEPRESSION. It is difficult to diagnose BIPOLAR if it is MILD/ MODERATE MANIAC DEPRESSION. Unless it is SEVERE MANIAC DEPRESSION the symptoms are not very prominent and can go unnoticed for years. The other symptoms depend on the TYPE OF BIPOLAR. If there is a case of CO- MORBIDITY like ADHD, DYSLEXIA, PTSD STRESS AND ANXIETY DISORDER, DEPRESSION then this worsens the situation.

  1. Very high or low energy level
  2. Highly interested or totally disinterested in activates
  3. Disturbed sleeping patterns
  4. Sudden change in behaviour towards others
  6. Varying MOOD SWINGS
  7. Feeling DEPRESSED sometimes
  8. Feeling EUPHORIC sometimes
  9. Feeling SUICIDAL or feelings of harming oneself

Types of Bipolar Disorder


Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder

Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder

Mostly bipolar disorder shows its symptoms by the age of 25. Though it is present in children and in adolescents, the diagnosis is not very easy as the symptoms are too mild to notice or generally brushed off as a product of BEHAVIORAL ISSUES. A CLINICAL ANALYSIS by a PSYCHIATRIST can diagnose whether the person has BIPOLAR, which type and the gravity of the DISORDER. Other factors are also taken into consideration while diagnosis likes:

  2. Obesity or extreme Weight loss
  3. Stress, anxiety phobias if any
  4. Headaches and its pattern
  5. Thyroid disorder as this alters the mood very often
  6. Heart diseases and diabetes
  7. ADD/ ADHD
  8. Dyslexia
  9. Any other situation of CO- MORBIDITY
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Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

Once the correct diagnosis is done, only then the medication and treatment is begun. It requires the teamwork of a PSYCHIATRIST, PSYCHOLOGIST (PSYCHOTHERAPY), and CBT. Talking to an ONLINE COUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGIST is always good as this takes off the pressure of taking the “reluctant patient” to the therapist for COUNSELLING SESSION. And more over ONLINE COUNSELING SAVES LOT OF TIME AND ENERGY THAT IS CONSUMED FOR TRAVELLING. The duration of therapy and treatment depends upon the type of BIPOLAR.  For example certain types of BIPOLAR, like TYPE 2 BIPOLAR require lifelong treatment (medication, and therapy).


Medication for stress, anxiety depression and anger management are prescribed (ANTI DEPRESSANTS, MIND CALMING MEDICINES AND MILD TRANQUILLIZERS TO RELIEVE STRESS AND ANXIETY). As they have terrible mood swings, MOOD STABILIZERS are given to keep a check on it.


Counseling is an integral part of the treatment from BIPOLAR DISORDER. This helps them to accept, understand and overcome the problem. Taking ONLINE COUNSELING SESSIONS too helps a lot. This works equally well to deal with BIPOLAR. ONLINE COUNSELORS help the patient as well as the family members to deal with the situation through their ONLINE COUNSELING SESSIONS.

Depressed Woman Psychologist Appointment


CBT makes an integral part of treatment for BIPOLAR DISORDER. This helps them to control their MOOD SWINGS, STRESS, ANXIETY, ANGER MANAGEMENT ISSUES AND DEPRESSION.


Due to the unstable mood of the BIPOLAR person, a family suffers a lot. His relationships with his family and friends are always at a stake. It becomes tough for the family to deal with this kind of person. Hence a FAMILY THERAPY for the whole family or at least the immediate members directly dealing with the BIPOLAR DISORDER person needs to take this therapy. Here they teach different STRATEGIES to deal with the person when he is going through MOOD SWINGS.

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YOGA / MINDFULNESS help one to release FEEL GOOD HORMONES in abundance. These hormones help one to stabilize MOOD SWINGS.


Keeping oneself busy with some CREATIVE activity helps one to shift focus and one’s mood.


Sometimes, certain smells, certain situations, some bad memories and certain people bring in the negative mood within. These factors are called TRIGGERS. Hence, these should be avoided to escape the bouts of BIPOLAR.


Life seems to be a ROLLER COASTER RIDE with the BIPOLAR DISORDER PERSON. It seems one’s life; happiness is at the mercy of the person’s MOOD SWINGS. Hence talking to HELP GROUP, ONLINE COUNSELLORS and sharing one’s deepest fears and feeling helps a lot. Their suggestions help to deal with the situations.

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