The Differences Between A Counsellor, Psychotherapists, Psychologists & Psychiatrists

The Differences Between A Counsellor, Psychotherapists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists

In recent times everyone is in hustle it is hard for everyone to find time for themselves. People of all age are facing a lot of mental and physical problems and hence the demand of online counselling is increasing every day. You can find a counsellor for every disorder be it small or big.

You will barely meet a person who is not suffering from any kind of physical or mental disorders.
At some point, it is normal to have a few disorders such as stress, anger, anxiety, etc. But when these disorders start increasing it affects a person’s personal life.

Although there are a lot of professionals you can meet to solve the issues but the real question is which professional is suitable for your disorder.

You can find a lot of people providing online counselling on various issues but do you need a counsellor, a Therapist, a Psychiatrists, or a Psychologists.

However, there are some similarities in these professions just like their names the professions differ from one another.

To solve your confusion we have written a detailed article for you to know which professional you need depending on your problem.


Going with the word “counselling” which means getting professional guidance. The best way to solve a mental health disease is by talking. Moreover, counselling helps you to let go of your emotions and feelings which you hide from others. Online counselling is widely in demand. During the counselling you sit with an experienced and trained professional to share your problems.

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A counsellor does not judge any of your emotions or thoughts. Nowadays a lot of people are looking for the best online counselling sessions where they can just sit, talk, and share their issues.

What is counsellor

You can find various counselling sessions providers who are providing counselling such as –

In a nutshell, you can get online counselling for any type of mental disorder. A counsellor not only listens to your issues but also gives you a suitable solution for it. In the counselling session, you get various ways to make your life better and change your perspective to see a problem.

How long does a counselling session go?

The duration of counselling sessions depends on how severe is the problem. A counselling session can end in 2-4 weeks. If a person needs more assistance the sessions can last for years also.


Psychotherapy helps a person in treating mental health disorders. Features of Counselling and psychotherapy can overlap each other. Although the major difference between both of them is psychotherapy treats a person deeply.

A psychotherapist talks to a person just like a counsellor. But during psychotherapy, a person not only listens to what the other person says but also understands the emotional responses, psychological needs, and defense mechanism.

A psychotherapist is a registered counsellor or psychologist who has experience in psychotherapy. A psychotherapist can be a

What is the work of a psychotherapists

Several people reach a therapist individually and some seek help on doctor’s recommendation by the doctor. A person goes to a psychotherapist to solve Anger, Anxiety, Depression, stress, or any other mental health disorder.

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Psychotherapists use various types of therapies to solve the mental illness such as by individual therapy, group therapy, couples therapy, online therapy, or family therapy. Depending on the issue, a psychotherapist decides which therapy is suitable for a person.

The effectiveness of psychotherapy is differs from one person to other. Some people start seeing changes in 5-6 therapies while other therapy sessions may go to months. A person develops skills to face a problem and identify the cause of stress in his life.


A psychologist differs totally from a counsellor and psychotherapist. Psychologists conduct research and studies to understand human behavior by doing various interviews, surveys, tests, observations, etc.
Psychologists also examine a person’s behavior by conducting experiments, psychoanalysis, or psychotherapy.

What is the work of a Psychologists

All Psychologists do not follow the same techniques and methods because there are different types of psychologists in practice nowadays a few of them are –

  • Neuropsychologists are psychologists who have expertise in identifying brain functions and the nervous system. These types of psychologists examine how the brain affects a person’s cognition and behavior.
  • A clinical psychologist helps a person in solving personal issues and mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. A clinical psychologist uses cognitive behavioral therapy to treat the mental illness of a person.
  • A Counsellor psychologists, provide online counselling and talk therapies to people suffering from work stress, relationship problems, depression, etc. With the help of talk therapy a counselling psychologist tries to build confidence in a person to solve their issues.
  • Next is Forensic psychologists, these type of psychologist helps lawyers and judges to understand the psychological aspect of the legal case. They work in the legal and criminal justice system.
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People seek help from psychiatrists due to many reasons. The biggest myth is that psychiatrists are for people who are crazy or do not have control over their brains. A psychiatrist is expert in solving the mental disorders of a person with compassion and care. A psychiatrist is also known as a counsellor who not understands the problem but also provides medications too.

What is the work of a Psychiatrists

Psychiatrists are medical doctors these are expert in treating people with mental illness. Psychiatrists help people with diseases like schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and addiction.

Before starting the treatment a psychiatrist understands the physical and mental symptoms of a person. A psychiatrist uses multiple types of treatment to solve the mental illness such as medication, talk therapy, psychological treatment brain stimulation therapies, etc.

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