Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

How to deal with Corona Virus

The moment you switch on the TV you see all the channels flooded with the latest updates on CORONAVIRUS. This virus is also called COVID 19. All the social media platforms look jam-packed with all the dos and don’ts about CORONA. Everyone seems to be imparting all the knowledge one possesses about CORONA VIRUS. The first outbreak was in CHINA a few months ago which crashed down the whole system and economy there. The increasing number of death tolls is spine chilling. This started spreading out to the other parts of the world. The world has gone pandemic with this CORONA VIRUS within few weeks. A few months ago nobody imagined that the situation would turn this grave. The situation in China and now all around the world has brought the stress levels of the masses to its peak. To date around 188 countries are affected by the deadly CORONA VIRUS. Overall there are 3,062,52 positive cases of CORONAVIRUS. Out of which 15,489 are dead. These numbers are from all over the world. And these numbers are in an increasing trend every moment. Now, this is turning the red lights ON in every country and amongst the people. All are feeling the threat of ‘who is next in the queue?”

How to deal with corona virus

Everybody is going berserk over the pandemic!! The reason is….. there is no cure for CORONA VIRUS!! And it spread exponentially!! YES, this is true!! There is no cure for this. The symptoms are similar to influenza and hence it is very difficult to diagnose it. It affects one’s respiratory system very badly and that leads to death. The only thing one can do is self-analysis, isolation, and maintain acute cleanliness. There are several protocols stated by WHO and various doctors all over the world which will help us to know before the things go awry.

Symptoms of corona virus

Once a person is infected, it will take 14 days to show up the symptoms.

Symptoms of corona virus
  • The first symptom is a sore throat
  • Dry cough mild to moderate with breathing issues
  • Cough is accompanied by high fever and diarrhea
  • Severe body pains and headaches in some cases
  • Loss of appetite
  • This continues for one week
  • After one week or 10 days, if the situation seems to get better then, it means that the person has developed antibodies towards the virus
  • If the situation worsens then it’s the time to rush to the hospital.

Myths and Facts About Corona Virus

Myths and Facts About Corona Virus


  • CORONA VIRUS is not contagious
  • Dogs and other pet animals are the carriers of CORONA VIRUS
  • One can move in public with or without infection when there is an outbreak
  • It doesn’t spread immediately
  • Personal hygiene is not that necessary
  • It is not fatal
  • It is similar to influenza
  • It is treatable


  • CORONA VIRUS is highly contagious
  • No domestic animals including cats, dogs cows sheep or any other animal are responsible for spreading the virus
  • One must undergo quarantine for 14 days or self-isolation if has a travel history
  • It spreads very fast
  • Maintaining personal hygiene is utmost necessary
  • It is fatal
  • Though symptoms look similar to influenza initially it is different in reality
  • It is not treatable. Prevention is the only care one can observe

WHO Guidelines for Corona Virus for Safety and Precautions

Who Guidelines for Corona Virus for Safety and Precautions
  • Anyone who has acquired the infection will show 14 days to show up the symptoms. Hence the people who have a travel history from the places of these infected countries/ cities must be in quarantine or self-isolation for 14 days. This virus lives in the body of the infected person for 14 days.
  • One should follow social distancing to avoid further spreading the infection. As this virus spreads very fast.
  • The infected person should take the utmost care that he doesn’t mingle with other people.
  • One must follow the utmost hygiene. One must wash hands very often. That is after every 2 hours or after touching anything or coming from outside.
  • Avoid touching your face, eyes, mouth, and nose with hands. Use sanitizers every time you touch something.
  • Avoid traveling, and going out in this time of crisis as one might acquire the infection from outside. As per research, this CORONA VIRUS stays alive in the air for 8 hours.
  • It stays on the infected surface for 12 hours. Hence the floor must be cleaned with very strong disinfectants.
  • One should cover one’s mouth while sneezing and coughing as the virus spreads through this. One must follow this rigidly whether one is infected or not.
  • Avoid any kind of physical contact with anyone. One must refrain from intimate moments with anyone. This will further spread the virus if not followed.
  • Avoid outside food.
  • Avoid going out in public places like malls, shopping, and movies, going to restaurants or any kind of public place where many people come together.
  • One must wear a mask and then only step out of the house.
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Steps to deal with Corona Virus

There are various stages in the CORONA VIRUS. The first stage is the carrier stage or say the infection stage. Then in the second stage, few cases are tested positive for CORONA VIRUS. Then comes the community outbreak, where many cases are tested positive all of a sudden. There is a sudden increase in the number of cases. Then there is a steep increase in the number of fatalities. This continues and then comes the downfall stage where the number of positive cases thus diagnosed comes to a decreased level. But this is highly impossible and by the time this stage is achieved, there is a huge loss of humans by that time.

  • Maintain personal hygiene- wash your hands with soap very often and use sanitizers
  • Use masks
  • Avoid public contact
  • No cold beverages, no ice-creams, no outside food,
  • No dining in the restaurant
  • Keep sipping hot water. This will kill the virus in the mouth itself
  • Keep gargling with salt + lukewarm water to kill the virus as it affects the throat first
  • Try to build your immune system by taking the necessary foods. Add a lot of ginger to the diet as it is said to be a very good immune booster and works wonders for cough cold and other respiratory diseases
  • Self-analysis is a must
  • In some countries the govt. has imposed a curfew. One must follow this very rigidly

This is the time where one must act mindfully by abiding all the safety measures. Only be being proactive the situation can be brought under control. The worsening situation has put everyone under extreme pressure. People suffering from OCD have a tough time coping with these kinds of situations as they think they might catch the infection. This puts them under extreme stress. People are going panicky over this pandemic. This stress is further very damaging. Stress is not the solution but only prevention is!!

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