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We might have come across many blogs, articles and books on STRESS FREE LIFE!! Human beings have an undying love for a long living, stress free life!! In this quest, the human beings visit astrologers, do whatever the self manifested god men say. But they forget to find out the root of their STRESS. They do not understand the concept of STRESS FREE LIFE.

As I was reading the book IKIGAI the “bestseller” of recent times, I came across a few interesting facts about leading a stress-free life. The whole book beautifully narrates about embracing a lifestyle to lead a STRESS-FREE LIFE!! It is about something that we all knew, but somewhere we forgot to follow in our real life. Some simple steps that one can follow – A KEY TO STRESS-FREE LONG LIFE!!


Online Stress Counselling in India

Now let’s understand why do we get STRESS.

Reason of Stress

  • Too much work to be done in very little time
  • In a short span of time – we want to achieve more
  • Less capacity – unrealistic goals and dreams
  • Lack of proper planning
  • Too much expenditure – competitively and comparatively less income
  • Lack of control of emotions – low emotional intelligence
  • Too many expectations from relationships
  • Too many expectations from oneself irrespective of one’s capability
  • Negative thought process
  • Overthinking
  • Catastrophizing the situations
  • Poor health
  • Relationship issues
  • Issues at workplace
  • Worrying about the past and future instead of being in the present
  • And many more reasons are there for STRESS.
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Reason for stress in life

But the intelligence lies in how we deal with it. People deal with STRESS differently. Some get over it and some continue to rot in the MENTAL STATE. STRESS causes many health issues. STRESS is the major culprit for ANXIETY and DEPRESSION TOO.

In today’s world of cut throat competition STRESS is unavoidable and has become an indispensable part of our life. Every person has different level of STRESS and so are the ways to deal with it. Hence we have to come up with different strategies to deal with it. What works for one may not work for the other person.

18 Simple Ways to Live a Less Stressful Life

STRESS causes aging at a faster pace. Wrinkles, Grey hair, metabolic disorders, digestive disorders, and many other lifestyle diseases too are added to the baggage of many diseases that we acquire. Hence, a mind-full approach to deal with STRESS is a must.

  1. Don’t carry the baggage of the past. The gone is gone now start Afresh
  2. Live in the present state
  3. Too not hold grudges or grumble about the past and the future
  4. Enjoy your work, whatever you do
  5. Start your day with a smile, with a positive note for our self
  6. Start connecting with nature and people around you
  7. Always stay connected to your family and friends
  8. Talk about your issues with family and close friends whom you can trust
  9. Always run a picture of happy moments in your mind. This will create positive thoughts in you
  10. Listen to good music while doing the workout, during walks, or doing your work – if possible. This will lessen the STRESS levels
  11. Care for yourself and your body. That is your biggest asset
  12. Indulge in some CSR ACTIVITIES ( community service responsibility)
  13. Join an NGO or any organization that works for underprivileged humans or works towards animal welfare. Contribute to them as per your talents, not just in the form of money. This will give you a sense of belonging and a higher SELF WORTH
  14. Set HIGH GOALS in life and strive towards achieving them. The goal will keep you focused throughout
  15. Cut down on negative thoughts, and negative people around you. They will drain you mentally, emotionally, and physically
  16. Always believe in your STRENGTHS, and gut feeling
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Truly, the JAPANESE way of STRESS FREE LONG LIFE method is an incredible one indeed!!

Simple Ways to Live a Less Stressful Life

As per statistics, there is a steep increase in the number of STRESS cases in INDIA and all over the world. The reason – we forgot the basis of leading a calm life. And we have stopped talking to people around us to take their help. We consider our self POWERLESS if we seek any help. But the wise advice is to talk openly about one’s issue instead of bottling them up. Talking to family members or a MENTAL HEALTH EXPERT is always a safe bet.

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