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How online counseling helps with grief problems

A few days ago, I received a call….. a voice in total distress… she said, “ mam please help my brother. He lost his pregnant wife in a road accident and he is totally grief-stricken. He is DEPRESSED…. He is going through turbulence of emotions, he is not in his senses it looks like, and I fear we might lose him.” Being a counselor, these words were enough for me to understand that this is a case of intense GRIEF, and the person needed GRIEF COUNSELING.

GRIEF is an intense feeling causing a severe emotional and mental disturbance, which is a reaction to a major loss in life, like loss of a loved one, a pet, divorce, break up, loss of a job, terminal illness of a family member or oneself.

Unfortunately, all human beings have to go through the phase of grief at some point of time in life. This is inevitable. But every human deals with GRIEF differently.

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Symptoms of Grief

  1. Some withdraw themselves from family and friends.
  2. Some lock themselves in a room for days, weeks, or months.
  3. Some give up on food.
  4. While some take other ways to deals with it, like substance abuse.
  6. Some take the route to end their life.
  7. Aloofness, Self-criticism, Self-doubt, Self-disgust, Loss of a purpose in life, Hopelessness, Feeling of detachment, disengagement from everyday activities and family matters, Anguish, sorrow feeling, remorse, heartbreak are the mental and emotional feelings of a person who is suffering GRIEF.
  8. Some stop talking to everyone, while some will speak out to share the mayhem.
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A person who is going through GRIEF needs tremendous support from family and friends. Even if the person wants to stay aloof one must not leave that person unattended.

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Steps to deal with Grief

    The first and foremost thing one should do is to open up about one’s emotional condition to family members. Their constant love and support help one to get over the GRIEF very soon. They empathize with the person in GRIEF.
  2. CBT
    CBT that is cognitive-behavioral therapy is another way to help out the person to come out of grief. A CBT therapist plans a set of exercises for the person, which continues for a few weeks, months, or for a longer period till the person is completely GRIEF FREE.
    GRIEF THERAPY is a therapy which is carried out by a Psychologist who is an expert in GRIEF COUNSELING and THERAPY. This therapy is a strategic approach to overcome the grief. It includes Talk Therapy, CBT ( only for grief counseling), questionnaire, assessment, etc.
    GRIEF COUNSELING is expertise in counseling psychology, where the person is an expert in this particular field. TALK THERAPY forms the base of this counseling. The main idea behind GRIEF COUNSELLING is to get the person into talking mode. Once the person opens up about his/her feelings, the person starts to feel light at heart.
    Joining a SUPPORT GROUP helps a lot as one comes across many people facing similar problems while coping with similar GRIEF situations. Different people have different strategies to cope with their GRIEFS. Hence discussing things in common helps the person to overcome grief soon.
    Nowadays, Online Counseling platforms are making a trend in the field of Mental HEALTH. There are many ONLINE COUNSELING PLATFORMS that provide GRIEF COUNSELING and GRIEF THERAPY SESSION while one is within the comforts of the home.
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What to expect from the counselor/online counseling therapist

A Counselor/ Online Counselor, will ask a set of few questions. This is just to get the person into the talking mode. The Counselor will also encourage a two-way discussion and will make the person open up about the GRIEF situation.

The Counselor will help the person understand what has happened and why. The Counselor will help the person to look at the other side of the coin.

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With TALK THERAPY/ ONLINE COUNSELING, CBT, and other strategies, the COUNSELOR will help the person to get over the loss gradually, over a period of time. The COUNSELOR brings in acceptance for the loss and copes with the GRIEF.

The person might require a few sessions of COUNSELING to feel completely alright. It depends upon the severity of the case, patient’s mental, emotional and physical health conditions too.

ONLINE COUNSELING is the latest trend being followed by many because of its convenience.

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