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What is love failure how can online relationship counselling be helpful?

They say “If love hurt you then only love can heal you. There is no other way. That is the magic of Love.”. Most of us would agree to this at some point or the other. The explanation of love is unfathomable. It is the driving force that has kept all of us together since the time immemorial. When we come to the Earth side love is the first emotion that we experience from everyone around us. What our family, friends and most importantly our parents teach us, become the definition of what we call love and the way we perceive it. But, as we grow things change and our attitude towards love changes and as a result, we start taking love for granted. Why does this happen? This brings our  attention to what is called love failure.

What is love failure?

Why do we experience love failure?

We all experience love failure after a certain point of time in our lives. Current scenarios demand a great deal of time and energy from us and as a result sometimes it becomes difficult of give time to other things and people. When partners fail to make time for each other and do not understand each other or when there are major issues such as work pressure due to which it becomes difficult for people to handle the relationship and as a result love failure occurs. Work stress has been one of the major causes of love failure.

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What causes love failure?

  • When we fail to handle our love life along with the other important things such as work and other personal matters.
  • Love failure can also happen when there is no compatibility between the partners. Lack of compatibility is the most common problem people face.
  • We become deprived of love because all these aspects make us forget the essence of love leading to love failure.

Effects of love failure

A heartbreak is the most difficult experience to deal with for a lot of people. A heartbreak does not necessarily mean loosing a person. A lot of people loose themselves while dealing with love failure.

Eating and sleeping habits

  • Most common effects that people face are unhealthy sleeping and dietary habits.
  • There has also been cases where people have found themselves dependent on unhealthy habits such as smoking cigarettes and alcohol.

Self esteem

  • A heartbreak has a direct influence on an individual’s self esteem, people start seeing themselves as lesser individuals which may affect their entire existence.

Stress and anxiety

  • Stress has been one of the most long lasting consequences of a heartbreak. People find themselves constantly battling with stress and its effects such as anxiety which may cause serious issues nausea, palpitation, occasional panic attacks.
  • Anxiety is very difficult to deal with in order to bring life to its normalcy. All these situations, if continue to persist lead to depression which may further lead to other psychological disorders such as Bipolar mood disorder, Dissociative disorders, Somatoform disorders.
Effect of Love Failure

How to deal with love failure?

  • Online counselling for relationship is the form of counselling for married couples or established partners who try to solve specific issues.
  • In relationship counselling the partners are made to sit together and discuss the problems they are facing. Once the problems are discussed the partners know what are the areas they need to fix.
  • Talking about problems give people an idea about how to handle similar situations in future. Love failure counselling make people understand the importance of love and how to maintain that throughout.
  • In online counselling for relationship, the couple deals with the problems through the help of a trained expert. It has become an important part of our lives because it helps in restoring the prime mover of our lives; love.
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Where to find the best relationship counsellor?

To bring about positive changes in your relationship find a good relationship counsellor online who can help you deal with the love failure. At OnlineCounselling4U, we provide online love failure counseling as an opportunity for you to explore positive changes in your relationship.

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