LGBTQ community counselling in India

The LGBTQ Culture In India

What is the status of LGBTQ in India

From long back the term LGBTQ has been a subject of discussion. It is indeed a term that does not have one definition. Also, the population of LGBTQ in India has no official demographics. But with time people are becoming more sensitized about LGBTQ. The LGBTQ community itself is coming out and talking about their issues and hence demand of LGBTQ counselling is increasing every year.

The LGBTQ culture has been in India since ancient times. But what is the status of the current LGBTQ society in India? Do they have their common citizen rights? Does society accept them as one of them? How easy is it for a person to come out as a queer?

All of these questions must be there in your mind. We are sharing everything that we found out in our research about the LGBTQ community and how society feels about them has.

What Is LGBTQ?

LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, transgender, Queer. These are the terms that are used to describe a person’s sexual orientation or gender. The LGBTQ community is also called “Rainbow Community” or “Queer Community”.

The Status Of LGBTQ In India

In India, in most of the cases, it was seen that when a person comes out to his family the person faces discrimination, threats, or abuse in majority of cases. Homosexuality is seen as a shameful act.

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The LGBTQ community is fighting for their rights for so long. Especially people who are transgender are not acceptable in their families.

People who are Gay, Transgender, or Bisexual face a lot of difficulties growing up and end up suffering from Depression or Anxiety. A lot of people take the help of Online Counselling to share and talk about their feelings.

Although, a ray of hope is seen in Indian youth who feel that people from the LGBTQ community are as normal as they are. Youngsters seem to respect and care about the community and accept them.

LGBTQ Rights In India

Legal acceptance from society for LGBTQ

A lot of NGOs, groups consisting of LGBTQ members and allies have fought a very long fight for equality. No doubt that the battle for equal rights for Queer society is still going but 6, September 2018 was the day when the Supreme Court gave its verdict regarding the LGBTQ community.

The court partially struck down section 377 of IPC. Supreme Court declared all forms of consensual sex between competent adults to be legal.

But How Much Has Changed Since The Judgment?

After the verdict was out many from the community came out to their families and workplaces. People have started accepting the Queer community and are openly talking about it.

But while talking about rights and equality, India is still struggling in that part. For a lot of doctors, homosexuality is still a disease. Increasing number of LGBTQ counselling centers imply how much issues LGBTQ is facing.

How does LGBTQ Counselling help?

Researchers have found out that people identified as LGBTQ have been at high risk of suicidal ideation and self-harm. This happens majorly due to the discrimination based on their sexual and gender identity.

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The results can surely be dangerous and life-threatening if a person is not treated properly. Although being LGBTQ is not a disease and hence there is no cure for it.

But there are a few things which help a person in leading a healthy life and coming out of stress. And that is taking LGBTQ counselling.

What Is LGBTQ Counselling?

Different types of therapists are there who can help a person but people from the LGBTQ community feel more comfortable if the therapist is specifically LGBTQ counsellor.

Just like other individuals who suffer from stress, anxiety, grief, etc. and look for professional help to solve the issue. LGBTQ individuals also seek therapy for depression, relations counselling, couples counselling, stress etc. Although, they might have slightly different challenges from a non-LGBTQ individual.

What is LGBTQ counselling?

As we already talk about why a person from LGBTQ seeks professional help. It is not surprising that this community seeks mental health services at higher rates. Except for mental health support the LGBTQ community also seek counselling for following reason –

  • Gender Dysphoria – Gender dysphoria badly affects a person’s overall mental health and causes lifetime stress too. Gender dysphoria is the feeling of discomfort that occurs in people whose gender identity differs from their sex assigned at birth. Although Gender Dysphoria begins from childhood a lot of people do not experience it until after puberty.
  • Sexual Identity Issues – This issue can refer to a lot of concerns. Sexual identity means thoughts, emotions, feelings, and fantasies which contribute to an individual’s sexual or romantic attraction to another person. LGBTQ individuals often face a lot of questions regarding their sexuality. Questioning and doubting their sexual identity creates confusion and stress to a person. A person goes blank on his own identity and starts losing himself. Therefore, it becomes important to get professional help who can fill an individual with confidence.
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Where To Get The Best Counsellors For LGBTQ Counselling?

LGBTQ individuals are becoming educated about their rights and fighting for equality. Non-LGBTQ individuals are having open conversations about the issues faced by LGBTQ. LGBTQ are becoming more confident to talk about themselves and hence the demand for well-educated and well-meaning LGBTQ counselling is increasing.

OnlineCounselling4U is one of the platforms that have professional therapists helping hundreds of LGBTQ individuals. The therapists are available through different mediums such as Call, Video Call, Chat, and Email. Since it’s seen that the LGBTQ community feels a little hesitant in telling their identity with us a person has all the freedom to be 100% anonymous. Additionally, all the conversations between a client and counsellor are totally confidential. Also, the therapist provides counselling 24×7, 365 days a year, and seven days a week.

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