How to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression

How to Deal with Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

STRESS, ANXIETY, and DEPRESSION, when we count the first letter in these words, we get the word – “SAD”. That itself denotes, that these 3 words are related to some bad/ low/ negative state of mind. The moment we switch on the TV or open the newspaper, we see – the SUICIDE of some celebrity, a famous personality, a student, or just a common man making the HEADLINES.

The word “SAD” (STRESS, ANXIETY, and DEPRESSION) emits some negativity. This shows, there is something very serious that is left unattended. That needs to be fixed. STRESS, ANXIETY, and DEPRESSION, though used interchangeably, are they one and same?? NO!!

STRESS, ANXIETY, and DEPRESSION are 3 different states of mind that are interdependent and can come as a package deal. Too much of STRESS can lead to ANXIETY. Exposure to ANXIETY for a longer period will get a person into a NEGATIVE / SAD state of mind. That is DEPRESSION. It’s like a vicious cycle.


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STRESS is the response of our body to any particular situation, event, or disturbing thought. It is a feeling of emotional and /or physical TENSION. STRESS is the reaction of our mind and body to any STRESSOR as a part of “FIGHT OR FLIGHT RESPONSE”. STRESS can show up various symptoms that can be mental, emotional, and physiological.

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ANXIETY is an outcome of STRESS. It is a constant feeling of fear and uneasiness. It’s an overwhelming feeling. It is a constant thought of something dreadful will happen. It is a constant burden of negative thoughts in mind.


DEPRESSION is a state of low mood, a negative mood. It is considered a MOOD DISORDER. It is a constant feeling of STRESS, LOSS, ANGER, and HOPELESSNESS. This state of mood hampers with the everyday activities of a person.

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STRESS, ANXIETY, and DEPRESSION affect the overall wellbeing of a person. These 3 affect the performance and productivity of a person. Here we have discussed these 3 in short. These 3 are mostly PSYCHOSOMATIC. Now, let’s look at the symptoms of STRESS, ANXIETY, and DEPRESSION.

STRESS, ANXIETY and DEPRESSION, show up many emotional, psychological, and physiological symptoms. Here we are going to discuss the symptoms of all the 3 in general.


  • Sleeping disorders
  • Shortness of breath
  • Palpitation
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Dehydration
  • Frequent bouts of headaches
  • Loss of appetite
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Low productivity
  • Weight loss
  • Hair fall, premature greying of hair
  • Low libido (sex drive)
  • Early aging
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle spasms, muscle tension

And many other physiological symptoms.


  • Loss of interest in daily activities
  • Terrible mood swings
  • Anger management issues
  • Feeling low constantly
  • Racing negative thoughts
  • Feeling emotionally vulnerable
  • Binge eating to get over the mood swings
  • Distancing oneself from people
  • Feeling lonely and aloof
  • Too much worrying
  • Lack of focus
  • Seeking negative ways of dealing with STRESS, ANXIETY, AND DEPRESSION, Like drug abuse, smoking, and drinking
  • Feeling suicidal constantly

And many other emotional symptoms.

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  • Constantly feeling stressed out
  • Constant feeling of being exhausted
  • Feeling continuously anxious
  • Feeling continuously depressed
  • Foggy mind
  • Low productivity levels at work
  • Low-performance levels
  • Hampered cognition
  • Inability to focus
  • Indecisiveness
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And many other psychological disorders that can be observed when a person experiences any of these, (or all of these) STRESS, ANXIETY, and DEPRESSION.

Generally, STRESS and ANXIETY go hand in hand. STRESS is followed by ANXIETY. STRESS goes away as soon as the STRESSOR goes off. But ANXIETY is like a shadow that keeps following. It is more damaging.

DEPRESSION is a constant negative state of mind. It is just like a mind being in a happy state or sad state. It is like being in a good mood or a bad mood. Some haunting thoughts, memories, sorrowful memories, a series of failures in life, loss of a loved one, loss of a pet break up, divorce and many more reasons lead to DEPRESSION.

People take many negative ways to deal with STRESS, ANXIETY, and DEPRESSION.

There are some positive methods to deal with Stress and its counterparts:

  • Practicing yoga/ meditation/ mindfulness
  • Going for morning or evening walks
  • Taking up a new hobby
  • Learning new skills
  • Learning something that helps one in one’s career or education
  • Hitting the gym
  • Taking up healthy habits and lifestyle
  • Trying to connect with nature
  • Trying to connect with people around you
  • Trying to connect with oneself spiritually
  • Trying to connect with family and friends
  • Talking about ones issues with family and friends
  • Taking professional help
  • Counting on the blessings of life
  • Staying away from negative people and thoughts
  • Inculcating the habit of positive self talk
  • And above all smile a lot it costs nothing. Smiling releases many stress releaving hormones
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All the above activities release some Feel Good hormones in the body that helps to deal with the problems of life.

Falling prey to Stress Anxiety and Depression is like a dark pit. One feels as there is no end to these greavings. Hence talking about ones problems helps one to get right support. As well as they help us to look at the problem from the other side of the coin.

STRESS, ANXIETY, and DEPRESSION is a matter of MENTAL HEALTH concern that needs to be addressed immediately. Opening up about one’s problems with friends, family members and therapists help a lot.

Acknowledging and understanding one’s mental state and taking timely action can save a person from further devastation.

Taking the help of THERAPISTS / COUNSELORS is the first and most important step. A therapist will assess the problem and the gravity of the issue. Several Online Counseling sessions, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) are required to deal with STRESS, ANXIETY, and DEPRESSION.

Talking to ONLINE COUNSELORS is always a better choice as one can avail the THERAPY and ONLINE COUNSELING SERVICES while being at the comforts of home. The THERAPY and GUIDANCE of ONLINE COUNSELORS are just a phone call away.

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