your relationship has lost the magic

Do you feel your relationship has lost the magic?

You’re the only one making efforts to make this work?

Relationships are complicated. But we still believe in love so much otherwise such romantic films wouldn’t be this successful. We do believe in fairy tale love stories but does that exist? Real relationships are way more harder than they show in movies. Falling in love is easy but surviving in love is difficult. Especially when one person is trying too hard to save the relationship from falling apart and he or she constantly feels their partner aren’t caring enough or aren’t making enough efforts. How many times did you feel this way?

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When we fall in love with someone we literally feel magical changes in us. Our heart is filled with excitement and happiness., we feel butterflies in our stomach every time we hear from them or get their texts. Ones morning doesn’t start until they receive good morning texts from the special person, those long phone calls, late night conversations, surprises, getting goosebumps with their touch, it feels just perfect like a dream. But this heavenly illusion breaks when the honeymoon phase gets over and reality hits and arguments starts, one person will say something harsh and other partner will get hurt and they would try to speak something more hurtful and it goes on and on.

Ego clashes are extremely common in our generation. It creates one invisible distance between a couple and if they don’t try to fix it. It gets worse. Slowly the spark, the magic starts vanishing between them. The excitement isn’t there anymore and their love life becomes so monotonous. It’s like They are together but really not together. And one person still cares so much and want to fix the issue but it always feels their partner has already detached themselves. I know this feeling kills us. Crying, mood swings, not able to enjoy anything, overthinking, always scared to lose the love of your life is definitely not a good feeling but here we are suggesting you few steps to bring back those magical moments, spark back in your love life.

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Communication is a key

make good relationship with your partner

The first mistake couples do while they start feeling distant is they decrease their talks. Is this similar to you? We often say why should I try every time, I have self esteem too, this time I’m not taking initiative, let him/her feel how much I’m hurt etc etc.. but why we let our ego makes the situation worse than it actually is? If we won’t talk about our needs and wants and what’s lacking to our partner and won’t hear about their expectations as well how we’ll be able to solve anything? So never stop communicating with each other.

Bring back the magic

Remember your honeymoon phase? When did you last did anything like that to impress your spouse? Physical love plays a big role in any relationship. Sexual heat keeps the spark alive between couples. So this is the best time to try new things in bedroom. Awaken the romance again. For example You can shower together, watch romantic film together, massage each other or talk about your fantasies with your partner.

Keep calm when your spouse is angry

give equal importance to your partner

Don’t make fights and harsh arguments a routine of your bedroom. When your partner is in the bad mood, try to understand them rather than arguing, talk about it next day.

Space is also necessary

Being together all the time could make your partner feel suffocated. Everybody needs their own time. When they can spend time alone or with friends or can do whatever they like without interruptions, understand this and give your spouse enough space.

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Start dating again

dating will help for couples

When was the last time you and your partner did something romantic or memorable together?
When we bring a plant home we need to nurture it on regular basis, with water, sunlight, air etc..
if we stop paying attention and taking care of the plant it won’t survive right? Relationships are like plants only, it requires nurturing regularly. So start planning dinner dates, movie dates or coffee dates together, go on long drives, plan short romantic vacations. Trust me you won’t regret.

Don’t let family interfere in your relationship

This is a big factor affects relationships especially in traditional countries like ours. We still live in joint families or even living separately our parents or siblings opinions, choices, advices are always there. If you’re married than I don’t need it explain further but even if you’re unmarried yours or your partner’s family plays a big role as in our country our parents thinks we never really grow enough to make our decisions on our own. Especially in marriage life they constantly interfere or complains and projects their expectations on you or your spouse. Believe it or not families are biggest reason of increased divorce cases in India. Remember to prioritize your relationship and your spouse first and Don’t feel guilty about it. If someone in your family is not treating your partner with respect, take stand for him/her. It will strengthen your relationship and help developing stronger bond.

Help each other in households and other responsibilities

If you’re married or living in a live in relationship than this matters a lot as time is changing and it’s not only one person’s duty to cook, clean, do dishes or laundry or take care of kids necessities. Helping each other won’t only be extreme great step to make your partner feel special and cared but it will also makes you more close to your spouse ever than before. This way you both will have more time for each other, your romantic routine, sex life will also improve. Start from today.

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Take couple counseling together

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Online Counseling or Online Therapy is not just for mentally disabled people it helps in common life issues like stress, loneliness, work stress, family issues, generation gap, couple counselling etc.. this way you will be able to talk about your feelings to a professional without fearing because they are non judgmental and will keep all your information confidential.

Few sessions will bring lot of positive approach in your relationship. You will be able to understand each other better, respect one another and your relationship will be stronger than ever. So Break the taboo today and start getting help from a professional Psychologist rather than talking about it to friends or families and be their gossip topic. Relationship is a two way street. Both needs to make efforts to make it work. Please don’t let ego or any negative attitude ruin this beautiful connection you have with your spouse.

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